World of Wizardry – February 2018

World of Wizardry – February 2018

World of Wizardry is a monthly box full of goodies from the Harry Potter world! It costs £19.99 per month.

I’ve never had this box before but I love Harry Potter, so this is seriously exciting to explore. There is a flyer inside which lists the items with their RRP. I’ll add those as I go along.

The box is really nicely designed, and comes well sealed. It actually has outer packaging when it’s shipped, but that doesn’t look very interesting!

Sitting on top is a set of A4 Colouring Posters (£4.99 RRP). 

The leaflet calls it a colouring book, but they are actually separate sheets. They are just regular paper, but they show some cool scenes, and are are nice and details.

Now, this box contains not one, but TWO t-shirts! I don’t know if this is a regular thing, but I think it’s fantastic.

This House Elf Shirt (£9.99 RRP) shows Dobby, everyone’s favourite House Elf.

This is a pretty creepy pattern! This is a Dark Follower Shirt (£9.99 RRP).

This is a House Banner (£6.99 RRP). I’m very glad to get Gryffindor! You can actually choose your preferred House when you subscribe, or you can choose a random selection every month.

You can make your own Chocolate Frogs with this Plastic Frog Mould (£2.99 RRP).

There is also a Chocolate Frog recipe card, plus a recipe for Pumpkin Pasties. There isn’t a price associated with the recipe cards, though apparently they are included every month.

These Head Boy and Girl House Pins (£5.99 RRP) are in the Gryffindor colour again. They have a pin and rubber stopper on the back to attach to your jacket or bag.

Finally, a Framed Quibbler Print (£9.99 RRP). This is a terrific print showing the Wanted poster of Harry Potter when he was on the run. It also has a nice frame!

This is the insert leaflet. You can see the prices given.

Well, I am so incredibly pleased with this! It’s a seriously impressive box of goodies.

The RRP of all the items together is £50.84! I’m not quite convinced by the price of the House Banner, as it’s pretty thin and not amazing quality, but a tenner each is totally reasonable to the t-shirts, and the price of the pins print, and mould are reasonable. So even if you don’t take all prices as totally accurate it is still fantastic value, considering the box itself costs £19.99.

My only tiny problem is that the t-shirts aren’t 100% cotton. I don’t like wearing polycotton t-shirts, as I find they get sweaty and they don’t wash that well. I’ve knocked off a couple of points for this, but if their shirts were all cotton this would be a 10/10!

This is an incredibly well thought out collection of items. I also think that it’s a wonderful idea to include recipes, and the chocolate frog moulds are going to be a great alternative to Easter Eggs!



Our score: 9.6/ 10

This is a must for any Harry Potter fan. Fantastic value, a wonderful assortment of items, and a really impressive box overall!

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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