WootBox – October 2017: Stranger Things

Geeky subscription boxes are becoming my favourite boxes to receive as I love the mystery and all of the items are so unique and the price point for each item is usually fairly high. I didn’t receive the September box but I have the October Wootbox and it is the best geeky box I’ve ever received! The Wootbox subscription is £20.07 per month and you’ll receive a range of mystery geeky goodies each month from a range of randoms.

The theme for the October Wootbox seems to be Stranger Things inspired which is amazing as I love the TV show Stranger Things and I cannot wait for the second season starting later this month! The other items are kind of related to Stranger Things in that it’s monster, creepy creatures and villain themed with items from Batman, The Simpsons, It, Saw and of course, Stranger Things.

Wootbox Exclusive Saw Pin – €4

Each month you receive two products that are always the same – you receive a pin and a t-shirt every month. The pin for the October box is one of my favourites so far and it is from the Saw movie/franchise which terrified me growing up! Their pins are always really good quality, detailed and look amazing – this one is no different.

Wootbox Exclusive It Clown Sign – €9

It by Stephen King has been everywhere recently as the movie re-make has just been released so Pennywise is haunting everyone! This metal It inspired plaque/sign is perfect for this time of the year and it will be encouraging me to read the book as it’s on my November TBR so I will read it soon even though Pennywise scares me!

Wootbox Exclusive Official Pop Stranger Things Figurine – €20

I love the look of these cute Funko Pop! figurines as they’re adorable and so unique compared to all other figurines. Everyone will receive the Wootbox exclusive figurine of Eleven Underwater (422) which is amazing! There are other characters that you can collect from this range including Evelyn with eggs, Dustin (who is adorable), Joyce and more.

I love this figurine as it’s so cute and Eleven is one of my favourite characters out of Stranger Things but I think my ultimate favourite character is Dustin as he’s so sweet. There’s so much detail on this figurine from the wires on the helmet, her diving suit and her hair. I definitely want to collect more of these Funko Pop! figures (maybe the Harry Potter figurines) and I’m glad it was included in the October box.

Wootbox Exclusive Official Simpsons T-Short – €20

I have loved The Simpsons TV show since I was very young, it’s one of my favourites and one of the most nostalgic TV shows for me. I adore the Treehouse Of Horror episodes the most so it is perfect to receive this t-shirt in the October box!

I received a Large which is definitely too big on me as I’m a UK 8-10 but I love wearing them as pyjamas because they are so oversized and long, for me anyway. The last t-shirt I received was a Harry Potter themed t-shirt which I wear constantly and this one isn’t quite as amazing or as soft but it’s still fantastic and one of my favourite items from the box this month.

Official & Exclusive The Joker Apron €18

The final item in the October box is one of the most unique that I’ve received in any subscription box as it is an apron…and the design is The Jokers outfit from The Dark Knight movie with the amazing Heath Ledger. The design is amazing, it’s so unique and even though it’s a little long on me, it still looks fantastic.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Overall, this is the best Wootbox I've received and I cannot recommend it enough! I love every single item in the box this month which is rare for any subscription box. I particularly love the Funko Pop! Figurine, The Simpsons T-shirt and the Saw pin!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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