Weekend Box – September 2018

The Weekend Box Club is a membership organisation created to provide high quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.

By providing you with the things you need when you need them, The Weekend Box Club allows you to spend quality time getting to know your children and watching them develop key life skills as you spend time together.

The Bumper Box, which I am reviewing, contains four fun activities to Make, Bake, Explore & More. It costs £8.95 a month, with free delivery. The age range is 3 – 8.

My assistant Little C is seven, so is a great age to be trying this out! This another review where the pictures are lit by quality LED overheads, so please excuse the less than lovely look.  However they are all genuine ‘action shots’!

The box is addressed to your child, and fits nicely through the mailbox. All the characters you meet doing each activities are pictured on the box.

The box opens out, and inside are the four activities in little bags, a few extra bits that don’t fit in the bags, two collectible stickers, and the activity booklet. This month’s theme is Transport.

A few extra things have been added to the booklet this month – jokes, trivia, a maze, and a wordsearch. 

The first activity is to make a Flying Rocket. 

The little rocket picture needed to be coloured in and cut out. The the top of the pipette

Then we used the sellotape to stick the end of the pipette on to the back of the rocket.

When you blow through the straw the rocket flies off!

Next was making a Hot Air Balloon Bird Feeder. 

We needed to provide a yogurt pot, which fortunately we had handy. We decided to decorate it with little pieces of the cut out coloured paper bags. There was a glue stick included, but for some reason this one didn’t work very well, so we ended up using the sellotape again (which was included in the box) to stick the paper on. With a bit of assistance the wool was cut into pieces, then I needed to make holes in the pot for the wool. We used stickers to stick the wool to the balloon, and then attached it to the pot.

Complete! There’s even a little packet of birdseed. We haven’t hung it outside yet, but it definitely looks good.

Another method of transport to make, this time a Peg Aeroplane. 

The peg was coloured (we used extra colours as well as the included crayon) then the lolly sticks were stuck on for the wings.

According to the instructions the glue stick could be used, but as I said, it wasn’t working, so I decided that the best option was to use my glue gun. Of course I actually used the gun, and Little C put the sticks in the right place.  It worked perfectly.

Finally, the cooking activity, Wheel-y Good Pasta! 

As it happens, Little C doesn’t like pasta, but we decided to make it for Big C instead. Cooking the pasta was the grown up job, but she mixed the tomato paste and herbs together, which were both included.

Then when the pasta was cooked, she stirred the whole thing together.

As a finishing touch we decided to add a little grated cheese. Delicious!

It was probably a bit unfortunate that Little C hates pasta so much, as she always looks forward to the cooking activity and there have been some delicious things in previous boxes! However Big C enjoyed his tomato pasta snack very much.

These activities were cute, but it was a bit frustrating that the glue stick didn’t work. I have a glue gun because I like crafting, but not everyone does, and while we could use sellotape for the balloon basket, it wouldn’t have worked for the plane.

The extra items in the activity booklet are really good. They’re a great addition, especially the jokes, as children always love silly jokes! The wordsearch is also terrific, a sneaky bit of educational fun in there.

The activities are always enjoyable, though Little C needed more assistance from me than usual. The results always look nice, and children can still feel like they have plenty to do.

Our score: 8.2/ 10

A very good budget selection of activities, with lots of hands-on things for both adults and children!

  • Quality of products7
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products7

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Weekend Box

  • Children Aged 3-8
  • From £8.95

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Weekend Box

  • Children Aged 3-8
  • From £8.95