My VitiBox – June 2018

My VitiBox is a popular monthly subscription service that specialises in sending its members exceptional bottles of French wine. All of the wines that you’ll receive have been hand selected by the famed sommelier Philippe Defleur (former sommelier of La Tour d’Argent and the Élysée Palace) and with this mark of sheer quality, you know that you’re getting the good stuff!

Inside the My VitiBox, subscribers will also receive Philippe’s Tasting Notes which provide detailed information about the wines that are included that month, and how to taste them like a true wine connoisseur, so it’s an easy way to impress your guests or family and friends when you invite them around for a wine tasting session.

The boxes are very sturdy and shockproof (no spillages or breakages!), and June’s My VitiBox contains two bottles of red as part of their Colours and Flavours subscription.

Berry Good 2015, Domaine Nairaud Suberville, Châteaumeillant

History: This wine comes from one of the smallest appellations that gathers together only ten winemakers; Châteaumeillant. The story of the Nairaud Suberville vineyard began in 2011, one year after Châteaumeillant officially became an appellation, making it a new love for wine fans to enjoy.

Grape: Composed of 90% Gamay and 10% Pinot Noir, Berry Good brings a certain freshness and finesse to the Cuvee, and as the Gamay is blended with a small amount of Pinot Noir, it has a nicer overall balance. The environment in which the grapes are grown is typical of a sandy-soil composition, which gives good drainage to the vines and produces a spectacular wine that has a great structure and body.

Senses: In the glass, this wine has a clear, dark ruby red colour and on the nose, it has a pleasant and expressively fruity aroma. Drinking it is very much the same, with a lively, bone-dry and medium bodied composition that features a light amount of delicate tannins. Notes of Blackberry, Cherry and Pepper are the strongest throughout, which ensures that it pairs well with Pork dishes and desserts such as Cherry Clafoutis.

Trio Tempo, Malbec 2015, Osmin, Comté Tolosan

History: Founded by two friends in the South-West of France, Lionel Osmin and Damiens Sartori, their shared passion for winemaking has resulted in a thoroughly modern image of the wines that are famous from this region. Embracing the very best of contemporary winemaking techniques, they have offered something new and unique to their appellation by using both local grape varieties and famous grapes that are sourced elsewhere in France.

Grape: This 2015 vintage is a beautiful 100% pure Malbec, yet features a unique blend as the Malbec grapes are all from three different plots that are located at three distinctly different terroirs. This makes the wine an alternative version of the Southwestern Malbec which is a treat to savour!

Senses: Like the wine above, this has a similarly clear, shiny and dark ruby red colour in the glass, but has a completely different aroma that’s both fruity and nutty at the same time.  Taste-wise, this is a magnificent Malbec which is fresh, semi-sweet, medium-bodied with marked and strong tannins. I love the smooth texture of this wine and the flavours of Raspberry, Cherry, Almond and Hazelnuts make it a delight to drink. It pairs well with Sheeps Cheese, Lamb dishes and my personal favourite, Chocolate Cake!

Our score: 9.0/ 10

The Malbec is the clear winner for me in this month's My VitiBox, but I really enjoyed both of them and they are lovely reds for the Summer months.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality7
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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My VitiBox

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My VitiBox

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