Toppbox – March 2018

Toppbox – March 2018

Toppbox is a monthly box of men’s grooming supplies. It costs £19 per month plus £3.35 p+p, but the box contents will always be a considerably higher value.

I love skincare products, but for this I have enlisted my lovely husband, Big C, to try out the items and give his considered opinion!

The box itself arrives in regular padded envelope, which means it is kept nice and neat.

The presentation is excellent. The branding is nice and simple, but classy. The box itself is padded out with navy tissue paper, so the contents don’t rattle around.

There’s a terrific menu card, which gives you a full contents list plus prices for each item. I’ve checked all the prices and they are correct!

First of all, these lovely socks. Big C loves brightly coloured socks, and this colour combination was perfect for him!

I’m really looking forward to trying PURE Skincare London Black Face Mask with Applicator Brush! Black face masks are really popular at the moment, and Big C will be trying it out this weekend. The applicator brush is really useful, a very thoughtful addition.

Another popular cleansing technique at the moment is using a specific face cloth in conjunction with cleanser. Skin & Tonic Calm Clean with 100% organic cotton cloth fits in perfectly with this idea, and the cloth is lovely and soft. Big C says that it smells slightly odd, though not unpleasant, and it left his skin feeling very fresh. The only thing he noticed was that the cloth isn’t big enough for the face and neck, so it’s a slightly more cumbersome two-stage cleansing process than if the cloth had been larger. However this is a small criticism of an overall lovely product!

Big C often gets dry hands but doesn’t like things that are heavily scented, so finding a hand balm that isn’t perfumed is a real bonus! This is definitely a treatment-type balm, as you need to allow a few moments to let it sink in. It would be a great product to use just before going to sleep.

Apart from the socks, this Flint + Flint Lip Hero lip balm was the favourite! While it certainly has a nice smell, it isn’t strongly flavoured or scented, and feels absolutely lovely on. I also think it’s great, but sadly there’s no chance I’m going to be able to keep it for myself!

The value of this box is seriously impressive. The skincare items add up to £42.68 on their own, then you’ve got a nice pair of socks as well!

Big C was very impressed with the presentation. It’s masculine without being obnoxiously macho, and all the products are very useful. The one thing he’s going to have to be careful with is the peel-off face mask, because he has rather a lovely beard. But hey, I don’t have to worry about facial hair so will be more than happy to take it off his hands! I am also very pleased with the brush, as I have other liquid masks that can be tricky to apply with the fingers. So this is a great bonus skincare tool to have!

He also liked that the products were from several different brands. Big C does like to look after his skin, without being faffy about it, and all of these items are practical and will be used. (I have to say that I plan to use them as well.) And he’s got a lovely pair of socks to add to his collection!



Our score: 9.4/ 10

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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Rating: 3.6/5. From 29 votes.
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