Tirol box – December 2016


During November I discovered a box that puts most subscription boxes to shame, a box that added the most glorious of luxury goods into my life. Tirol box is a luxury subscription box from Austria and offers the most beautiful locally produced goods, that will leave you wanting to move to the Austrian alps to live a beautiful, creative life with some of the most talented people in the world. Tirol is a historical region of the eastern Alps in western Austria, and each product in the Tirol box is made or designed in Tirol with some products being handmade.


If you needed another reason to move to Austria than Tirol box chocolate is that reason! I tried their chocolate in November’s box and it has ruined chocolate for me ever since, there is certainly no English chocolate that even comes close to how delicious it is. Like last month’s box I received two bars, however the flavours are different, which makes me wonder how many different flavours are there? And will I ever be happy again until I try them all? Made using milk from the Tyrol grey cattle ( how often do you know where the milk comes from?! ) this chocolate is smooth and not something that you just want to wolf down. The two flavours in December’s box are a walnut nougat and a caramel, the walnut nougat is my favourite.


Nothing says luxury more than the blue Swarovski box, upon opening my Tirol box and seeing the Swarovski box I let out the loudest of screams. I could never have imagined a subscription box that would include the Swarovski stardust black double bracelet and certainly not at the price tag of the box. The Tirol box starts from 122 Euros, which is incredible value for money when you see the quality of each and every product. I will be wearing this bracelet through the whole of the Christmas period and I can not wait to tell everyone that it came from a subscription box.

Tirol boxes are made with the customer in mind and every care goes into the selection of the products. I received the Swarovski bracelet but the gentleman received Swarovaki cuff links which I just think is a wonderful idea and makes the whole experience much more personal.


I am pretty sure that most people like to add a new Christmas tree decoration to their tree every year, something a little special, something that in years to come will bring a smile to their faces. Well this year I have nine, nine beautifully crafted Christmas tree decorations made of Swiss pine wood. Like most of the products in Tirol box, I spend a little too long smelling each one and these are no exception. Even if you had an artificial tree, these decorations would fill your home with scent of pine wood and would make you think you had a real tree. Upon opening there pretty bag every memory I have ever had of Christmases gone came flooding back and reminded me why Christmas really is a magical time of year.


Another product selected for female subscribers, Chrystal hand cream is what can only be described as a luxury cream which leaves your hands feeling super soft and smelling incredible. The scent is like no other hand cream I have ever used and is citrus based, just what your hands need after hours of wrapping presents. Gentleman subscribers received Chrystal sports warm up balm, although the scent of the hand cream would work for either sex.


It is extremely rare that my partner comes between me and food, and on this one occasion I let him off because I knew how much he would love Tiroler Zelten. This fruit bread is absolutely nothing like anything you have ever tried before, and with no added sugar you will want more. Delicious and extremely moist, this Zelten looks and feels like bread until you cut through it, at which point it seems more cake than bread. My partner has been enjoying a couple of slices for breakfast each morning and has me trying to recreate the secret recipe.


These bio-butterkekse cookies are like little flakes of heaven, they taste incredible. The closest thing I can compare them too is Scottish shortbread but with a more delicate taste. Although I’m sure they are meant for sharing I hid them behind the super healthy food in my cupboards because I knew no one would find them there. And every evening with a big pot of tea I have been turning my phone off and enjoying some me time, which has been made much sweeter thanks to these delicious cookies.

You still have time to order January’s Tirol box, although orders close on the 20th of each month and box numbers are limited due to the fact a lot of the products are handmade. January’s theme is “Get ready for the slopes” which sounds absolutely incredible, nothing says January more than a ski trip in the Alps.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

A 10 out of 10 subscription box, this luxury box will bring you such joy. Every product is incredibly special, yet useable. My absolute favourite subscription box and incredible value for money.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Tirol Box

  • Alpine products from Tirol
  • From £72.60

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Tirol Box

  • Alpine products from Tirol
  • From £72.60