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Trying new teas has recently become a bit of a hobby for me, so this Teabox was an incredible find. You can get your first subscription box for just £6 and it contains 15g packs of 5 teas chosen by experts. It’ll automatically renew to £16 a month which includes shipping, and if you love one of the teas you can purchase individual packs on their website.



  • Cardamom Chai
  • English Breakfast
  • Harmutty Black
  • Namring Prime
  • Indian Breakfast

When I opened the box there were two letters from Teabox, my box was called ‘Fresh Beginnings’ and was filled with 5 different teas. They wrote a little background about each tea, such as the Harmutty Black is from one of the oldest tea estates in the region as it was established in 1870 and the Namring Prime is from the Upper Namring estate in Darjeeling, which is one of the largest in the area. They grow exquisite combinations of China, Clonal and Assam hybrid teas that promise exotic flavours in every cup.

IMG_0863The other letter provided more details about the subscription and explained how their teas are all fresh with fantastic aromas, and it’s a great way to get an exciting surprise each month with a variety of different teas to try.

The great thing about this pack is that it actually tells you the best temperature, how many teaspoons and the best brewing time for you to make the tea.

The Cardamom Chai tea smelt amazing, it was spicy and refreshing. The Teabox website says it’s better enjoyed with milk and sugar, and I must agree as it was delicious! It was quite overpowering on its own, but after adding a little sweetener it was perfect. It’s a great tea to be enjoyed on its own, but Teabox says it’s great with bacon or sausages in the morning.

teaThe Namring Prime tea smelt incredible, it was like spring in a cup. The sweet aroma of magnolia and mango was delicious, it was great with and without milk. I loved how the tea leaves grew with this one and created a floral aroma. It literally smelt like walking through a field of flowers in spring. It tasted sweet and flowery and felt calming like a great camomile tea, but this one won’t put me to sleep. Definitely my favourite!

If you like a strong tea then the Harmutty Black is for you. It was quite nice with and without milk but I felt like it was too strong for me. After adding milk to it, it was a bit better but even so, it was still a tad overpowering. This would be a good tea in the morning when you need really a strong pick-me up.

tea drinksI was really intrigued to try the Indian Breakfast tea. The pack said that it was an in-house blend with a perfect balance between malty and sweet notes. In all honestly, this tasted very similar to English Breakfast teas I’ve tried in the past. It was refreshing and strong, but not overpowering. A perfect morning beverage.

The classic English Breakfast tea had a peculiar smell but once brewed it tasted slightly sweet and was refreshing with and without milk. It was much nicer than my usual English Breakfast tea as I felt it was slightly strong but was an ideal blend of rich tea with subtle malty notes, without a horrible after taste.
Tea gif

Overall, the Teabox is a fantastic subscription. You get to try amazing teas with different aromas and you can explore more flavours and see what you prefer. In all honestly I love my tea a certain way and usually add a little sweetener to it, but with these teas there was no need. They were fresh and delectable with a good strength that’s perfect for a morning pick-me up.



sub1.1Five new teas. Five new tastes. Every single month.
Experience five exciting new teas every month, hand-picked by their tea masters with decades of experience.

Experience fresh teas in an all new way
Dive deeper in your cuppa, and explore the stories behind their teas, the people who make them and the regions from where they hail – all woven into novel themes each month.

Free shipping. Every month
Regardless of the shipping destination every subscription box has free shipping between 15th and 17th of every month.

Try your first box for only £6 (automatically renews to £16 a month which includes shipping)

3 month plan – Save 5% – £15/month (Auto renews every 3 Months at £45.08)

12 month plan – Save 20% – £13 month (Auto renews every 12 Months at £151.80)

Contains 15g packs of 5 teas chosen by experts.

Shipped fresh on 15th of every month. Free shipping..

30% off on your first box with code ASB30

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Tea Box

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