Tails.com : our review

Tails.com : our review

The subscription box market has really taken off over the last few years, and with everything available to meet our human needs (and wants!), it is no wonder that there is also a market to pamper our fur babies. I have two fluffy family members – Zara the dog and Prince the cat. This time round, it was Zara’s turn to be treated to a subscription box, and when the Tails.com parcel was delivered, she was eager to open the box!



Tails.com delivers tailor made dog food to your door on a regular basis. After a quick questionnaire about your dog – for example the breed, weight and any health problems, a unique recipe is created for your dog. You can even select whether your dog has any taste preferences – Zara, being a labrador, will literally eat anything, so although we didn’t need to make use of this feature,  I can imagine this is great for more fussy dogs.

Not only do they come up with the perfect ingredients and formula for your dog, but they also tailor make the portion sizes, too. I was really impressed with this, as it truly shows just how unique and individual to your dog this service is. In the box, they include a customisable plastic scoop, and on your menu they will tell you what size to set your scoop to. Zara was advised to have 2 scoops of size L12 per day.

The whole process is a lot smoother and easier than I thought it would be – the questionnaire only takes two minutes and as soon as you order the food, you receive an email update every step of the way – letting you know the food is being prepared, out for delivery and when it has been delivered. Your subscription automatically rolls over each month, so once you’ve spent the initial five minutes setting up your billing and delivery details on your account, you never have to worry about buying dog food again!



In the box, you receive the bag of dog food (which even has a sticker with your pet’s name on it – perfect for if you have multiple dogs!), the plastic customisable scoop and a menu. If it’s your first box, you’ll also get a really helpful welcome leaflet explaining exactly how the ongoing deliveries work.

On the menu, it lists your dog’s features, as well as their recommended amount of food. It also tells you how many calories this equates to – Zara’s two scoops of kibble is 1076 calories! It also tells you what the food is made up of – Zara had a blend of three different kibbles – Senior Health 20, Senior Care 22 and Advanced Mobility 21. These have special qualities, like ingredients to help with her mobility and joint care (which is perfect seeing as she has bad back legs), specific kibble size for older and larger dogs, calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones, as well as omega 3 oils and many other healthy ingredients. Reading this list of ingredients is so nice as an owner – you really are giving your dog high quality, healthy food!

In the end, we decided to feed a little less than the recommended scoop suggestion – this is because Zara has previously had problems with vomiting spells if her food is too dry, so we mix the kibble with some wet food, too. The great thing about this Tails.com subscription, is if like us you decide to change the amounts a little, you can simply update your online settings, and they will adjust the monthly deliveries accordingly! You can also pause or delay deliveries if you’ve got too much food or are going away on holiday.

So… the question I’m sure you’re eager to know: how much does this cost?! Well, as the blend and service is all individual to your dog, so is the price! For Zara, 9.4kg of Tails.com food is £23.64, including free delivery. This is a great price in my opinion – you’re getting high quality food delivered straight to your door. No hassle, no supermarkets and only the best for your prized pup!



Overall, this subscription box is definitely a winner from me. Zara is gobbling it up with no problem, so I’m pretty sure she is impressed, too!

Our score: 9.4/ 10

Tails.com is a simple service which provides a high quality, customised kibble for your furry addition to the family! I would highly recommend Tails.com to any dog owner.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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