Taffy Mail – March 2018: Extra Box

Taffy Mail – March 2018: Extra Box

Easter is fast approaching and if you’re all set for a family packed long weekend at home, why not treat everyone to a special Taffy Mail Extra Box? Taffy Mail brings the best authentic American candy, snacks and drinks straight to your door every month and it’s a real treat for friends and family alike!

There are three different monthly subscription options to choose from to suit different budgets;  Lite, Classic and Extra, with the differences between them being based on how many products you receive. The Extra boxes are very big and contain larger products such as cereal, more expensive products or special limited edition flavours.

I recently received March’s Taffy Mail Extra box which has some cool Easter-themed goodies inside, plus their usual variety of American amazingness, so let’s jump straight in and see what’s inside!

Starburst Jellybeans Ice Cream Flavour

The biggest item in this month’s box is a generously sized pack of Starburst Jellybeans in a special Ice Cream flavour. I didn’t know that Starburst made jellybeans, but this delicious mix contains a range of assorted Ice Cream flavours in Strawberry, Orange Sherbert, Red Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet. These have gone down very well with my nieces and nephews!

Nutter Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter so naturally, I was excited to see something from Nutter Butter! These are their classic Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies and you get four cookies in each pack. Really sweet with a yummy peanut butter filling – great with a cuppa!

Fanta Berry Flavour

Taffy Mail is a great place to find unusual drink flavours as we don’t get many of those here in the UK. This can of Fanta Berry is very fruity, sweet and refreshing – lovely as a one-off treat now and again.

Combos Baked Snacks in 7 Layer Dip Tortilla Flavour

Combos are amazing and I was pleased to see one of their larger packs included this month. This flavour is 7 Layer Dip Tortilla which bizarrely does taste just like a big American 7 Layer Dip bowl! An awesome mix of flavours in this one.

Whoppers Dinosaur Eggs

To celebrate Easter, there’s a pack of Whoppers Dinosaur Eggs and these are pretty strange! I was expecting something similar to Mini Eggs, but these feature a sweet Malted Milk Candy filling inside a crunchy sugary shell. They’re quite addictive!

Hershey’s Bunny Milk Chocolate

This cute Hershey’s bar is a solid Bunny-shaped chocolate which is a decent size for a substantial sweet Easter treat. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

KitKat White Flavour

Ever tried a White KitKat before?! I’ve had this in a previous Taffy Mail box and it was so good – just imagine a regular KitKat covered in a sweet white chocolate creme layer, with those classic crunchy wafers inside – yum!

Combos Baked Snacks in Pepperoni Pizza Flavour

More Combos, YES! This one is their regular snack pack size and it’s in a Pepperoni Pizza flavour which is really tasty. Perfect for when you have a savoury crisp/pizza craving at the same time!

Nestle Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth bars remind me of a Snickers, as they have layers of Peanuts, Caramel and Nougat, wrapped in Milk Chocolate, but I’d say they’re not as sweet as a Snickers. However, they are still thick and chunky, so very substantial when you want a satisfying chocolate bar and I can see why they’re so popular in America.

Almond Joy

Inside the pack, you get two parts which makes Almond Joy easier to share with a friend. These are really nice and have a chewy Coconut and Almond filling that’s wrapped in a layer of Milk Chocolate. If you like the idea of a Bounty but with Almonds, you’ll like this.


Next up, I found two packs of Airheads; one in a White Mystery flavour and one in Blue Raspberry. These wide sticks of hard chewy taffy are quite popular and the White Mystery one is a different flavour in every batch that they make which keeps it interesting! I got a Strawberry one for mine, but I definitely preferred the Blue Raspberry flavour.

Boston Baked Beans

How strange are these?! I was expecting some bizarre bean type flavour, but they’re actually just sugar coated peanuts with a red dye to make them look like Boston Baked Beans – thankfully!

Chewy Lemonhead Tropical

This pack of Chewy Lemonhead is in their popular Tropical flavour and has an assorted mix of fruit flavoured candies. Lots of flavours in here including Watermelon, Banana, Strawberry, Cherry and Blueberry.

Lifesavers Butter Rum Candy

I was very happy to see a pack of Lifesavers because I’d really been missing them since I first discovered them in a previous Taffy Mail box last year. These are SO good and have a delicious sweet butter rum flavour.

Laffy Taffy Mystery Swirl Flavour

Another Mystery flavour, this time from Laffy Taffy! This chewy taffy rope features two flavours and I couldn’t really tell what they were – I think they were like a Bubblegum and Strawberry mix?! A bit too artificial for my liking, but my nieces love them.

Fun Dip

Super retro candy Fun Dip in a Razz Apple Magic Dip flavour – always enjoy experiencing this blast from the past!

Kool Aid Strawberry Flavour

I’m not the biggest fan of Kool Aid, but my housemates always enjoy making a jug of it, especially to use a mixer for cocktails?!

Hotdog & Mini Burger

Two mini gummy sweets in the shape of a Hotdog and a Mini Burger.

Our score: 9.0/ 10

A fun box from Taffy Mail this month with lots of candy and chocolate variety. Especially loved the Combos, Almond Joy and Nutter Butter cookies!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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