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DSC_4713Our Swillington Organic Meat Box was hand delivered to our door direct from the farm filled with delicious organic meaty goodness.  Swillington delivers nationally, but we happen to live within 20 miles of the farm, so it was the farmer himself who brought it to us.T

here is something that feels so great in knowing that the meat we are eating is fresh (I mean really fresh), organic and raised in a high welfare environment.  These folks at Swillington do their job well and they tell you all about it on their site including when they are preparing each aspect of your order.


Let’s see what we had in the box:

– Dry cured Back Bacon *

– Handmade Rare Breed Pork & Leak Sausages *

– 4 Organic Lamb Chops

– 2 Rare Breed Large Pork Chops *

– 400 gr Organic Beef Mince

– Organic Whole Chicken – 2.1 kilos

– 1/2 kilo Organic Salmon Cut Joint

– 2 Organic Rib Eye Steaks

– 2 Organic Large Chicken Breasts

You can watch the un-boxing video to see it all first hand:

We have enjoyed every minute of each piece of organic meat we’ve eaten from Swillington & we’re only halfway through the box. So far we’ve eaten the rib eye, the beef joint, the lamb chops, the bacon & the sausages.  The rest is in the freezer with a special menu planned around each one.

Knowing that so much effort has gone into the care and preparation of the meat has motivated us to put more care and thought into our menu’s too.  The box came with some recommendations for marinades, but we didn’t have they key ingredients for any of them, so we created our own.

DSC_4752Our first meal, the same evening we received the box was the rib eye steaks.  Weather wasn’t great, so we cooked it inside in a grill pan, but it would have been fantastic  on the bbq.  We marinated briefly in a garlic balsamic mixture with a bit of pepper and salt added just before cooking.  It was delicious, tender and amazing. The meat literally melt in your mouth. Simply heavenly. Wow. We’re still dreaming about that steak and it will be a repeat order for sure.

Next up we made a full English to make sure enjoyed the bacon to its fullest.  It was delicious, perfectly salty and tasty.

IMG_20150801_203315Then we lucked out with some good weather and lit up the bbq so we could properly enjoy our lamb chops.  We kept it simple with a little salt and pepper and some fresh thyme from our garden.  I’m going to have to say melt in your mouth, tender and amazing again.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.  Even the fatty edges, which I normally avoid completely, were so good that I couldn’t stop including little bits of fat in every bite.

The pork sausages we used a few different ways. There is typically 1 item in each box which is pre-frozen and in this box it was the sausage.  We fried up a few whole sausages for breakfast , and then for another meal removed the casings and used it as a ground meat for a pasta dish.  I didn’t particularly like the sausage in either preparation, but my husband loved, I mean really loved it.


For the beef joint we made a Sunday roast.  We rubbed the joint with olive oil, herbs & spices, seared it and then put it into the oven to roast with some carrots, potatoes and onions.  What came out was a tender and delicious roast which made it a perfect Sunday.

I haven’t stopped talking about it at work.  Its been a topic of conversation at multiple lunches to date.  For two reasons:

1) everything has been tasty and high quality

2) its great value for money.

Sure you could buy it cheaper at the grocery store if you went for the non-organic , low-cost cuts.  But if you went for the high quality meats, the good cuts or especially if you’re buying organic at the grocery store or butcher then there is no way you are paying less than what you pay for this box.

Whether you’re interested in organic or just love high quality meat, I highly recommend this box.

*  To avoid being misleading we would like to clarify the pork isn’t certified organic as the farm doesn’t have an organic feed supplier. They instead get a custom milled additive and gm free feed.

aboutlargeSwillington Organic Farm farms organically at the forefront of environmentally friendly, sustainable, high welfare agriculture. All their meat is fully traceable, direct from the farm, butchered and packed by them. They have won regional and national awards for the quality of their produce and been featured by some of the nation’s most famous chefs.
The farm is built on one hundred and sixty acres. The farm is home to all of their free range and organic animals and a diverse range of wildlife. The farm has a diverse range of habitats including woodland, marsh, pasture and ponds, providing a haven for wildlife and the perfect place for the organic rare breed pigs and native breed cattle and sheep as well as free range organic poultry.
The farm converted to organic farming in 2001 and have been fully certified as organic since then.

3 size of boxes to choose from:

For Two – £49.95

For Four – £89.95

For More – £129.95

Delivery of the meat boxes is available nationwide, delivery is £5.99 which includes temperature controlling cool packaging to keep the meat fresh.

FREE BBQ PACK (mix of bbq favourite meat cuts worth £10) for all subscription orders placed in August 2015 using code ALLBOXES


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