Snackverse – September 2023: Romania

Snackverse is a monthly subscription box that brings together a selection of food and drink products from a featured country (each month’s country is different which keeps the fun going!). You can expect a wide variety of snacks to be included such as savoury products like crisps and crackers, and sweet treats like cakes, biscuits, chocolates and candy.

There are two box options to choose from; a Mini Box and the Original Box. As always, I would recommend the larger Original Box because it’s great to share with family and friends and I feel it represents excellent value for money too!

Below is the contents of the latest Snackverse Original Box and this time they are visiting Romania. Here’s everything that’s inside:-

Nuga Cindrel

A fusion of nougat and wafer, this treat is a dream for anyone who loves Kinder Bueno style flavours. The rich creamy centre contains walnuts with a mixture of halva for an eastern twist.

Nestle Joe XXL

I always enjoy trying popular brand’s such as Nestle when I’m abroad and seeing what new and exciting products they have to offer which we don’t get here at home. This Joe XXL features crunchy wafers with cocoa cream and delicious milk chocolate. There’s a hint of saltiness too which makes the final flavour a lot less sweet – yum!

Boromir Caramel Croissant

A delectable pastry that combines the rich sweetness of soft caramel with the buttery flakiness of a croissant. What’s not to love! This is a really indulgent treat to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Homemade Cake with Apple

Oh wow, this did have a homemade feeling to it which I was really surprised by. It has be one of the most soft and moist packaged cakes I’ve ever tasted. Buttery, sweet, sticky and with slightly tart apple, this was another surefire winner for me.

Panfood Childhood Bar

A nostalgic Romanian children’s classic, the Panfood Childhood Bar is much loved to this day by adults and children. The creamy richness of powdered milk with the comforting depth of cocoa is a delicious combination.

Magura Strawberry

A tender cake bar wrapped in chocolate with a sweet strawberry and cream filling at its centre. Another lovely sweet treat.

Best Peanuts Paprika

I personally love peanuts and I love anything paprika flavour so I knew I was going to love these. They have just the right amount of kick and seasoning to them.

Boromir Biscuit Cake

This was an interesting biscuit-meets-cake snack that I haven’t tried anything like before. Sandwiched between the buttery biscuits is a thick centre of sweet sultanas which I enjoyed.

Lotto Peanut Snack

Light and airy, these puffed peanut-flavoured corn snacks are made with a simple blend of corn grits, sunflower oil and a little salt. Perfect for movie night!

Viva Chips Chicken

A unique, chicken-flavoured crisp with plenty of seasoning and crunch. The fun moulding of the shapes like chicken drumsticks makes them a party classic.

Bestini Bacon Snacks

These are the Romanian equivalent of our ‘Frazzles’. Very salty and addictive!

Gusto Pufuleti

Commonly known as ‘corn puffs’, this huge bag is brimming with authentic flavour and the puffs are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Turta Dulce

A sumptuous fusion of honey-sweetened gingerbread, this timeless sweet treat transports you back to age-old traditions where these were shared out within the family on special occasions in Romania.

Viva Strawberry

Described as ‘pillow cookies’, these bite-sized pieces blend together a flaky exterior with a luscious strawberry centre. Enriched with vitamins, a hint of cocoa and a pinch of salt.

Tedi Go Juice

A blend of earthy rich carrots with the sweet and tangy burst of apples and peaches, this is a popular Romanian soft drink that contains a powerhouse of nutrients and essential vitamins.

Grand Papa Pretzels

The authentic taste of these pretzels is enhanced with a touch of Romanian white wine and crafted with the finest white wheat flour. A tasty savoury snack to enjoy with a cold drink.

Tooritizi Pretzels

You can also try these pretzels which are a thinner variety and have plenty of snap and crunch to them. The crispy bites have a lovely nuttiness thanks to the sesame seeds which are sprinkled on top.

Sugus Fructe De Padure

A burst of forest fruit flavour in every chewy bite, these are popular with kids and it’s easy to see why!

Eugenia Biscuit

Wholesome biscuits sandwiched with a sweet cocoa cream that melts in your mouth – I would happily dunk these into a cup of tea, they’re delicious.

Fagaras Chocolate

A Romanian delicacy which combines velvety rum cream with plump raisins, all wrapped up in a sumptuous chocolate stick. One of my favourite discoveries from this box!

Rom Chocolate

Another Romanian classic with a similar combination of rum and smooth and creamy chocolate – excellent.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

The Snackverse boxes are a fantastic monthly treat for foodies who love trying snacks from different countries!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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