Snackverse – October 2023: Sweden

For those who are looking for a unique gift for a foodie friend, look no further than Snackverse!

With three types of boxes to choose from ( the Mini box, the Original box and the Premium box), there’s one to suit all budgets. The Mini box contains 5+ full size snacks, the Original box contains 10+ full size snacks, and the Premium box contains 20+ full size snacks. Furthermore, both the Original and Premium boxes contain drinks for no extra fee!

Each Snackverse box is themed to a different country so that you can explore that nation’s favourite snacks and treats.

I was recently sent the October Premium Box which is themed Sweden. Here’s what’s inside:-

Marabou Pigall

A true Swedish classic, this has a hazelnut truffle center, wrapped in glossy, creamy milk chocolate.

Smash Bar

A beloved Swedish treat that brings together the essence of the popular chocolate-covered crisps that you find in the country. This is a bar version of sweet and salty happiness!

Ahlgrens Bilar

Translated as ‘Ahlgrens cars’, these are fruity, marshallow-style sweets that have been made to resemble mini cars.

Malaco Zoo

Shaped like mini monkeys, these bright red candies are chewy bubble gum style delights!

Dubbel Nougat

Combining light and fine almond nougat with dark and creamy hazelnut nougat, this bar is definitely one for those who love a really rich and indulgent sweet treat.


Also called a ‘Princess Roll’ or a ‘Punch Roll’, This cylindrincal cake is filled with a mix of buttercream, cocoa powder and punsch liqueur with a layer of green marzipan before being dipped into chocolate.


A chocolate bar which is famous for its yummy combination of crispy wafers and creamy milk chocolate, it’s the perfect balance of crunch and smooth chocolate.

Daim Caramel Latte

Who doesn’t love Daim bars?! This special limited edition Caramel Latte version brings a grown up twist to the much loved classic.

Wasa Sandwich Pizza

Moving onto something savoury, this wholegrain baked snack combines all the classic flavours of pizza into a handy bar that you can eat on the go.

Nygarda Julmust

A Swedish holiday beverage, this has a distinct flavour that combines cola with root beer – very interesting and unique!


Affectionately known by Swedes as ‘Troca’, this carbonated beverage is fruity with flavours of apples and oranges, It also packs a decent caffeine kick too.

S-Märke Supersurt

If you love super sour sweets, these are the ones for you! A range of fruity flavours are combined in this bag – that’s if your tongue can handle them!

Fika Bites

A delightful classic Swedish snack, these little balls have cake-like centers and are coated in coconut and chocolate – perfect for your fika break.

Estrella Grill

Barbecue crisps with a blend of smokiness and tangy onions, these have a really interesting grilled flavour to them that’s pretty unique!

Linschips Sourcream

Made from lentil flour, these crisps are gluten-free and seasoned with a delectable sour cream flavour that’s rich and tangy, I loved these.


Translating as ‘jungle roar’, these sweets are coated in a bizarre salty liquorice dust – definitely a love or hate-it kind of thing!

Juleskum Banana Caramel

Translating as ‘Christmas marshmallow or foam’, this festive sweet treat is reminiscent of soft and chewy banana caramels that the whole family will love.

Olw Dill & Gräslök

Traditional Swedish potato crisps infused with a delightful blend of dill and chives. Savoury and aromatic.

Cheez Doodles

A classic favourite in many country and Sweden is no different – moreish cheesy puff type snacks with a really rich cheese flavour.

Dumle Original Klubb

A sweet treat with a soft and chewy toffee centre, enveloped in smooth milk chocolate and placed on a stick.

Plopp Original

A delectable duo of milk chocolate squares, each delicately filled with a luscious buttery liquid toffee centre – yum!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

An amazing introduction into Swedish snacks with lots of variety from sweet and savoury to choose from. I highly recommend the larger Premium boxes too as the drinks are definitely worth it!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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