Snackverse – August 2023: Turkey

New to All Subscription Boxes, I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to review SnackVerse.

This monthly subscription box gathers together an exciting box of different snacks from around the world and each month a different country is featured so it changes each and every time!

The contents of each SnackVerse box can vary, but typically include a mix of sweet and savoury snacks, candies, cookies, chips, and other treats. The specific snacks are chosen to provide a taste of the local culinary culture of the featured country.

I was most impressed by the sheer size of the box – it’s huge! Below are the contents of the Original Box option, but there’s also a smaller Mini Box option too if you just fancy a taster.

Here’s what I found inside this month’s box which is themed Turkey.

Patos Aci Baharat

I’m a huge fan of the Middle Eastern spice blend Baharat so I was delighted to discover several snacks of this flavour. First up, there’s a big bag of Patos Aci Baharat. This popular Turkish snack has a hot and spicy bold flavour and plenty of crunch.

Krispi Taco

Also in the Baharat flavour, Krispi Taco combines the crispy texture of a taco shell with these thin crispy stick crackers. Very moreish and lots of spice!

Eti Çin

With its happy face packaging, I was immediately drawn to this delightful biscuit which has a soft, crumbly biscuit base topped with a layer of orange-flavoured jelly. The cocoa granules on the top gave it a bit of a Jaffa Cake biscuit flavour!

Ülker Kermini

This was a very interesting combination of chewy toffee with refreshing watermelon. I wasn’t sure at first, but after the third piece, it really started to grow on me. A lovely unique Turkish flavour.

Kakalou Helva

Produced by one of Turkey’s most popular confectionary brands, this is a dessert halva with lots of indulgent chocolate flavour and of course, all of those delicious roasted sesame seeds and sugar. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

Ülker Albeni Cappucino

It’s clear that Ülker is a very popular Turkish brand and I loved this Albeni Cappucino which has a rich coffee flavour, smooth milk chocolate and a soft and chewy centre.

Ülker Çokonat

With three layers of crispy wafer, this bar is covered in milk chocolate and has a super moreish hazelnut cream filling with crunchy nuts for even more delicious texture. One of my favourites in the box!

Nestle Damak Baklava

It’s always interesting to see a familiar brand and what their products are abroad. Nestle’s Damak Baklava is a sensational take on the iconic Turkish dessert with smooth white chocolate, roasted pistachio and tumbled baklava pieces. Very sweet!

Nestle Damak Stick

A beautifully simple marriage of rich milk chocolate with roasted pistachio pieces – I would definitely look out for this in Turkey!

Esra Mevlana Sekeri

Named after the famous Turkish poet, these small round sugar candies are often given to tourists as gifts and shared with families on special occasions.

Esra Karsik Akide Sekeri

A traditional sweet treat, these simple sugar candies are the Turkish equivalent of ‘rock’ here in the UK.

Eksi Yük Sakiz

Also known as ‘sour face gum’, I was delighted to find numerous different fruity flavours in the box to try, all with that characteristic sour coating.

Ülker Kekstra

Moving onto the cake items, this one was a soft sponge cake with a luscious orange jelly and cream filling. Quite tangy and sweet.

Ülker Danek 8 Kek

In the same vein, this one is a moist sponge cake with a rich forest fruits jam filling. The cake is also covered in milk chocolate for a very sweet treat!

Ülker Findik Aski

Another yummy Ülker chocolate bar, this time with whole roasted hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate. I never get bored of this combination.

Esra Lokum Turkish Delight

Of course, no Turkish-themed snacks box would be complete without the classic Turkish Delight! This mini assortment features a variety of flavours to enjoy.

Koska Findiki Cezerye

Inspired by the traditional Turkish dessert made with carrots and sugar, this chocolate bar has a strong carrot cake vibe to it and I particularly enjoyed the chopped nuts inside.

Ülker Laviva Limon Cheesecake

A lemon cheesecake flavoured chocolate bar! Very unique with its zesty lemon filling and buttery biscuit base.

Sariyer Gazoz

I was surprised to find a drink inside the box and this is a traditional Turkish carbonated beverage from the Sariyer district of Istanbul. It has a refreshing fruity flavour!

Lays Yoghurt Ve Mevsim Yesilliki

I always enjoy trying the different flavours of Lays crisps when I’m abroad and Turkey’s offering is this unique Mint Yoghurt flavour. It’s creamy, tangy and cooling at the same time.

Eti Gong Pops

Bite-sized crunchy corn pops that are puffed up and full of Bahart spice flavour. I loved these!

Ülker Badem 

These nostalgic almond crackers are absolutely moreish – they’d make an excellent snack to have with a cold beer.

Ülker Saklikoy

Lastly, I found a packet of strawberry cheesecake biscuits at the bottom of the box. Very sweet and great with a cup of coffee.

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I'm so impressed with my first ever SnackVerse box! It's amazing value for money and variety simply blew me away!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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