SnackSurprise: SPAIN

SnackSurprise is a foodie subscription box. Rather than the usual country-specific company that is commonly seen, SnackSurprise features snacks from a different country every month.
There are three levels of subscription: Mini, with 5 snacks for £6.99, Original, which contains 8 – 10 different snacks including a drink, and costs £12.99 per month, and Premium, containing 16-20 items, and costs £23.99. Shipping is free for all UK subscribers too!
This month we’re trying goodies from Spain. I love Spain and have visited a couple of times, but my knowledge of the food is more on the side of tapas! 
As always, the menu booklet contains some interesting little facts about the country, which is nice to get a feel for the context especially if you’ve never visited. 
There’s also a full menu of the contents. You can see what’s in all the box options, which is useful if you decide you may went to upgrade your subscription! I’ve got the Original box, which is the middle tier. 
Boca Bits. These are lovely wheat snacks. They actually contain yeast extract, which gives them a lovely deep savory flavour.
Lacasitos. Many countries have their own version of these! Chocolate pieces with a colourful sugar shell, rather like Smarties.
Palmeras. These are like the French Palmiers, a slice of rolled sweet and flaky pastry, perfect with a cup of coffee.
Pantera Rosa. At first I though this was going to be rose flavoured, but then I looked closer and realised that it’s the Pink Panther! This is a cake bar which is filled with cream and covered with a pink coating. It’s very sweet but a lot of fun!
Fini Sparks. These tiny little candies are super sour and each colour is a different flavour. Eat one at a time or by the handful if you’re feeling brave!
Pikotas. These look like boiled sweets, but inside the hard outer shell is actually a cherry gummy centre. These are a favourite thoughout Spain.
Pandilla. Snacks in funny shapes are always fun, and these crunchy snacks from Cheetos are cheese flavoured and come in a variety of ghost shapes. 
Tokke. Chocolate bars are always lovely to try, and this one is both light and rich. It’s two fingers of crispy wafer with a chocolate filling and coating, plus crispy rice on top for extra crunch.
La Casera. This is a traditional Spanish soda pop. While you can drink it as it is, apparently it is a very popular mixer, especially for making sangria. 
Filipinos. Coated with either white or milk chocolate, these are chocolate biscuit rings that are crunchy and very moreish!
Fini Galaxy Mix. You can buy these gummy candies in every shop in Spain. They’re a mixture of all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes, including eggs, strawberries, and teeth!

Our score: 9.2/ 10

This is a really yummy box of treats, especially things like the Pink Panther cake and the Pandilla crunchies. I'm also intrigued by the soda, and I'm going to try to make sangria, which I've never done before but now I can make it authentic! It's always interesting to see the different versions of almost-familiar candies and snacks that other countries have. This is a really fun way of trying out snack foods from different countries, there are always a few surprises and things that are almost familiar but not quite. A lovely treat to get every month if you like mixing up your snacking!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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