SnackSurprise – September 2020 SWEDEN

SnackSurprise – September 2020 SWEDEN

SnackSurprise is a foodie subscription box. Rather than the usual country-specific company that is commonly seen, SnackSurprise features snacks from a different country every month.

There are three levels of subscription: Mini, with 5 snacks for £6.99, Original, which contains 8 – 10 different snacks including a drink, and costs £12.99 per month, and Premium, containing 16-20 items, and costs £23.99. Shipping is free for all UK subscribers too!

This month we are trying flavours from Sweden. As the only thing I know about Swedish food is the famous meatballs, I’m intrigued to see what their local snacks are like.

The menu shows you what’s inside each box, depending on your subscription level. This is a great way to tempt you to a larger subscription too! I have the Original box here.

It’s also nice that the menu includes fun facts and activities about the featured country, and this told me a lot of things I did not know about Sweden!

Olw Dill & Graslok. These crisps are flavoured with chives and dill, two classic Swedish flavours. They’re really very nice, a great fresh flavour and totaly different to any crisps I’ve tried before.

Kexchoklad are chocolate covered wafers. These are a familiar taste as pretty much every country has its own version of chocolate and wafer, but they’re very nice and a good size for a snack.

Tutti Frutti are tiny chewy gummies in a variety of fruit flavours. They contain natural colours and flavours and are made with real fruit juice, perfect for a little fruity taste.

Apparently Ahlgrens Bilar are the most popular car in Sweden! These are not real cars of course, but little car-shaped marshmallow gummies. They’re mixed fruit flavours, and both amusing and delicious.

Dumle Snacks are another popular treat. This is a chocolate coated toffee bar, with crispy rice mixed in with the chocolate.

Apparently a pack of Cheez Doodles are sold in Sweden every three seconds! I love cheese corn puffs, so these are definitely high on my list of favourites too.

Dubbel Nougat is a slightly more sophisticated bar, consisting of two layers of creamy nougat, one light with almonds, and the other dark and hazelnutty. Rich and chewy and delicious.

Delicatoboll is a traditional Swedish snack, made from oats, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, butter and coffee and then rolled in coconut. It’s quite rich and filling, and perfect with a cup of coffee.

Djungelvral is salted liquorice, which is an acquired taste but very popular over in Sweden!

The perfect snack to pop into your bag, Wasa Sandwich is two rye crispbreads filled with cheese, tomato, and basil. This is a great savory snack, and of course rye crispbread is very common in Scandinavia.

Finally, this month’s drink is Trocadero. It’s a lovely apple/orange soda, and has been around for a long time. It was first released in the 50s, and you can see they still retain than fantastic vintage-style design!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

My favourites this month are definitely the Cheez Doodles and the Dill crisps. I love the sharp salty flavours, and I'm a great fan of crunchy salty snacks. The nougat and the chocolate toffee bars are also particularly delicious. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of liquorice, but I think it's a love it or hate it flavour, so there are as many people who will love this! Altogether a really interesting selection of goodies. I've never seen any of them before, which is fantastic, and I really feel like I've had an insight into completely different flavours and tastes!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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