SnackSurprise – June 2020 NETHERLANDS

SnackSurprise – June 2020 NETHERLANDS

SnackSurprise is a foodie subscription box. Rather than the usual country-specific company that is commonly seen, SnackSurprise features snacks from a different country every month.

There are two levels of subscription: Original, which contains 8 – 10 different snacks including a drink, and costs £12.99 per month, and Premium, containing 16-20 items, and costs £23.99. Shipping is free for all UK subscribers too!

This month’s selection is from the Netherlands. 

The little leaflet insert tells you what is in the box, together with descriptions. This is very useful as Dutch is a tricky language to try to work out! Both the Original and Premium content is listed (in case you’re tempted to upgrade!). The contents I’m showing you are the Original box, though as you can see the Premium has all of these and a whole lot more! I have to say that already I’d be very tempted to upgrade, as they look wonderful.

As an extra little bonus on the back of the leaflet is a wordsearch with a little bit of trivia about the country. This is a simple but really fun addition!

I’ve actually visited the Netherlands many times, but have never tried any of their snack foods, so I’m intrigued to see what they have.

There are two packs of crisps, Lay’s Patatje Joppie and Croky Chips, both very distinctive flavours. Joppie sauce is a popular fast food sauce in the Netherlands, and is flavoured with a combinations of onions and curry. There is a choice of Paprika or Bolognese flavour of Croky. I’ve got paprika, which I’m very happy about because I adore paprika crisps and they’re hard to find in the UK.

Kaneelkussens, which translates as ‘cinnamon pillows’ are a hard cinnamon candy. This company is know for only using natural colours and flavours, and these candies are make from a historic recipe.

Above is Ontbijtkoek, which is a beautiful gingerbread-like cake that is often served with breakfast. Below is a Stroopwafel, which is a very famous Dutch treat. It’s caramel sandwiched between two thin toasted waffle cookies, and it’s utterly delicious. The only problem is that one is never enough!

These are fun snacks with a more childlike design. De Smurfen Knetter Sticks are sticks of white chocolate mixed with popping candy, and Smoeltje UFO’s, cute cookies topped with chocolate and colorful chocolate beans. These would be great to include in a lunchbox as a treat!

Two lovely chocolate items now, first Droste Pastilles. We might associate pastilles with jelly or fruit candy, but these are little round chocolate coins that will come in either chocolate orange or milk/white flavour. Although they’re milk chocolate, the quality is excellent, they melt beautifully in the mouth and the flavour is delicious.

The other bar is Tony’s Chocolonely. This new Dutch chocolate company has been making a splash, as it is works to the highest ethical and fairtrade practices. The chocolate itself is excellent too, I’ve got the caramel sea salt variety and it’s amazing!

The drink this month is Chocomel, which is easy to translate – chocolate milk! It’s made from just milk, sugar, cocoa, and carregeenan, and is really, really good, probably one of the best chocolate milk drinks I’ve every had. Also it can be drunk hot or cold.

Finally, a few little candies, the red ones being Napoleon Framboos, raspberry hard candies with a powder filling, and Hopjes, which are caramel coffee hard candies.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I really love this assortment! I'm familiar with a couple of them, but others are totally new. There's a good combination of familiar and unfamiliar flavours, and it gives a fun insight into what is popular in other countries. I think the price is pretty reasonable, especially given that these items are either impossible, or at least very difficult to find at home. It's also great to have a bit of variety rather than just eating the same old things from the supermarket. I've got the Original Box here, but the contents of the Premium also look incredible, as there are two more bags of crisps and another drink. Though I'm glad mine had the chocolate milk! This is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to experience tastes of other countries, especially as travelling isn't a thing right now!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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