SnackSurprise – July 2020 GREECE

SnackSurprise – July 2020 GREECE

SnackSurprise is a foodie subscription box. Rather than the usual country-specific company that is commonly seen, SnackSurprise features snacks from a different country every month.

There are two levels of subscription: Original, which contains 8 – 10 different snacks including a drink, and costs £12.99 per month, and Premium, containing 16-20 items, and costs £23.99. Shipping is free for all UK subscribers too!

July brings us a selection from Greece! I’ve very excited about this because while I’ve been to Greece I’ve only eaten in restaurants and stalls and and never really tried any of the snack food from regular stores.

The insert tells you all about the snack inside! You can see the contents of the Original Box (which I have) and also the Premium Box, which are also very tempting! This is very useful as it’s pretty difficult to guess details about some of these items if you don’t read Greek.

On the back is a little game/trivia sheet, which is a fun extra bonus.

Jumbo Chips Oregano. 

This is definitely a flavour that you won’t find in the UK! But this lovely herb flavour totally conjures up sunny Mediterranean landscapes!

Ion Chocofreta.

This is a delicious layered chocolate and wafer bar with a hazelnut filling.


This wonderful long word is the name of a traditional Greek cookie. It’s made with grape molasses, which is a sweetener that has been around since ancient times. The cookie itself is soft and delicious!

2001 Crackers.

The 2001 doesn’t refer to the number of crackers! But these are lovely savory crackers, and each one is marked with a different zodiac symbol. They’re ver popular as a snack with both children and adults.

Macedonian Halva Vanilla.

Halva is one of the most delicious sweet treats you can get! It’s made from crushed sesame seeds and honey or sugar, and as it’s quite rich this bar is the perfect size to enjoy.

Gum On! Burger Jellies.

I think every country must have its own version of gummy candy, and these Greek gummies are certainly a lot of fun! They consist of various gummy burger shapes that you can stack as you like. Fortunately they don’t taste like actual burgers, but are a variety of fruit flavours.

7Days Pizzeti.

While not technically Greek, the cheese, tomato and olive flavour combination certainly is! They are crunchy bagel-type chips and have a real depth of flavour, much better than other types of pizza chips I’ve tried.

Lila Pause.

This bubbly chocolate bar is strawberry and vanilla covered in milk chocolate. It’s also got little crispy rice pieces which give it a lovely crunchy contrast to the lightness of the chocolate.

Miranda Biscuits.

These are another traditional Greek biscuit. They are a little like shortbread, and have a lovely subtle vanilla taste. They are especially popular with children!

Piccolo Ouzo.

These are mini hard candies flavoured with Ouzo, the traditional Greek liquor which has an aniseed flavour. If you like aniseed you’ll love these, and no alcohol involved!

Loux Soft Drink.

This comes in either sour cherry or sour lemon. It’s fizzy, and the sour flavour is very refreshing. These drinks are actually based on a traditional Greek recipe too!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

This is a really yummy selection, especially incorporating some less familiar flavour experiences such as the oregano crisps. I think that Greece is an especially interesting country for this kind of tasting experience, because we're much less likely to see these items in shops outside Greece, unless they are extremely specialist. I love the combination of sweet and savory items, and it's fantastic to get a drink as well. The Premium box often contains two drinks, so it's definitely worth a look if you want to try even more variety. But at just £13 for the Original, it's still great value, and it's a lot of fun trying all the different goodies!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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