SnackSurprise – August 2020 FRANCE

SnackSurprise is a foodie subscription box. Rather than the usual country-specific company that is commonly seen, SnackSurprise features snacks from a different country every month.

There are two levels of subscription: Original, which contains 8 – 10 different snacks including a drink, and costs £12.99 per month, and Premium, containing 16-20 items, and costs £23.99. Shipping is free for all UK subscribers too!

This month we have some goodies from la belle France. I’ve visited France many times, but I have to say that there aren’t that many fun snack foods I’m familiar with.

The insert leaflet tells you about all the items. As you can see it shows the contents of both the Original and Premium boxes, to tempt you to try more things.

As a bonus, on the back of the insert is some trivia about the featured country, plus a fun puzzle or game.

Chips a l’Ancienne.

These are salted crisps, but made from French potatoes with a really lovely flavour. Nice than your standard ready salted!

La Madeleine d’Armor.

Madeleines are one of the most famous of all French pastries, a beautiful light but rich shell-shaped cake that is a specialty of northern France.

Nestle Nuts & CaramBar.

Nestle Nuts is a delicious chocolate bar which combines caramel, nougat, and hazelnuts, coated in creamy milk chocolate.  Hazelnuts are definitely one of the most popular nuts in France, and this chocolate bar really shows off their flavour.

CaramBar is one of most loved candies, especially with children. It’s a stick of chewy and richly-flavoured caramel, and is one of my favourites from childhood.

Cracky Crepes.

Crepes are of course a very French product, and these individually packaged thin pancakes are filled with creamy smooth chocolate spread and crunchy chocolate sprinkles, for a fantastic contrast of texture.

Lu Barquette and Lu Napolitain.

Lu Barquette biscuits are oval shaped, soft, and have an indentation filled with a fruity jam, a little like a jam tart. The Napolitain is a sponge  cake which a chocolate filling and topped with chocolate sprinkles, they are both widely available in France.

Haribo Dragibus.

These fruity chewy candies have a sugar shell and come in several different flavours. The closest way to describe them is that they are a little like jelly beans, , though they are round rather than oval, and bigger. While you can get many varieties of Haribo candy all over the world, these Dragibus are only available in France.

Belin Minizza.

These lovely savory dough crackers are designed to look like mini pizzas, and are flavoured with tomato, cheese, and Herbes de Provence, a French herb blend. They are made in France, and are lovely to nibble with a a glass of (French) wine!

Poulet Roti Chips.

Yes, these are actually roast chicken flavoured crisps! They do taste remarkably like roast chicken, and you can even taste some herbs in there.

Oasis Tropical.

This non-fizzy fruity drink comes in many different varieties in France. It’s made with spring water and real fruit juice, and contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. This tropical variety is perfect for a hot summer day.


Our score: 9.6/ 10

My only regret about this box is that there was only one CaramBar! I absolutely love them, and they are virtually impossible to find in the UK. Other favourites were the Minizza and of course the madeleine, which are very different but both delicious. The madeleine is one of those classic French food experiences, and it's a great treat to have such a nice one. I love the idea of trying snack foods from different countries each month, it's such an original idea, and is a wonderful way to try things that might be familiar or very unusual!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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