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Sip & Learn is a new way of drinking great wines whilst learning at the same time, it is also super easy:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 15.58.541. I subscribe and am sent a Sip & Learn Wine Tasting box every month
2. I receive a beautiful box containing 2 bottles of wine and an education booklet
3. I sip and discover 2 carefully selected wines and their characteristics
4. I learn more and more each month

Wine tasting at home
Our concept is very simple: bringing great wines together with the knowledge to appreciate them best: you learn about what you drink.

Become a Wine Expert
Every month we send a super-cute cardboard suitcase packed with 2 great bottles of wine, selected by our wine expert Sylvain to follow our education programme, with a beautifully designed and comprehensive educational booklet.

If you liked our wine, buy some more
We prize ourselves to bring the best value for money from small producers that you won’t find in your local shop. You liked it, great – order some more and start building your cellar.


IMG_2976So, finally I have received and found the time to review this exciting box. Sip & Learn has a simple promise: “Make you learn about wine with their 12 month program”. It is all about the journey to discover the basics about wine.

As I’m a wine amateur, I was really excited to discover that my box had a booklet and 2 bottles of white wine.

I often choose my wine by what I already know, such as by the region, the grape variety and the brand, but it’s hard to discover new ones. This box was perfect for me to improve my wine skills and also let me discover new wines.IMG_2978

The box was delivered in a thick cardboard box with a practical handle and was separated into two, protecting the two bottles from knocking into each other. The bottles were also laying in large amounts of filling to make sure they arrived in proper condition. Well done for the packaging!


  • Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau Gaillard Touraine (Approx £10 retail)
  • Chardonnay, Pouilly- Fuisé – Cornin (Approx £20 retail)

IMG_2983The booklet is full of really interesting and pertinent information. It helps you understand how to appreciate a good wine by learning the importance of  the colour, the smell and the taste. It teaches you the flavour types and aromas that you can find in a wine. A great start!

Then the booklet explains more about the wines you have received. For instance, when you smell the Sauvignon Blanc you can identify passion fruit, pineapple, citrus and grass. You also learn that it is a slightly acidic wine that’s light and crisp with a medium finish (meaning that the taste stays on the tongue for 4 to 6 seconds).

P1000343Then you learn about the wine regions and about Organic wines. Amazing! I must admit a lot of effort and thought went into creating the booklet. I have truly appreciated its value.

Additionally, you can find on Sip and Learn’s  blog some recipes to taste with the wines they have sent you. As you have already guessed I have tried that too :) The suggested recipe for the Sauvignon Blanc was the lemon, asparagus and mint risotto. Sounds delicious! And it was :) And it was even more with the Sauvignon Blanc. The creamy structure and taste of the risotto was in perfect harmony with the fruity, citrus and grassy aromas of the wine. Delicious!

Finally, I must admit this is an excellent find. The real value is for sure in the additional reading that you can find in the booklet.P1000341

A lot of useful tips that will help you improve your wine knowledge and wine tasting skills. The price is all right. After some research I have found that the retail price of the wines total £30, which is the price of the box. But the information and guidance you get is well worth that money.

£30 per month, £5 shipping in the UK.

None at the moment.

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Sip & Learn

  • Wine tasting
  • From £30

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Sip & Learn

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