Silly Greens : our review of the Micro Herb Grow Boxes

Growing something you can eat is incredibly satisfying! Recently micro greens have really grown in popularity, and these lovely herb seedlings add a lovely punch to your plate. Because they are small, micro greens have a much stronger flavour in a smaller plant!

Silly Greens has devised a very clever way to deliver a week’s worth of fresh growing microgreens straight to your door.

The box itself is flat and fits right thorough the letter box.

They have many varieties, and you will get different ones in every box. As well as the name, you also get suggestions for how to use the greens, though they also work beautifully in just a mixed salad.

The instructions are very simple.

Because the trays are filled with a seaweed gel, you just add a splash of water before leaving the box with the trays inside in a light place. The kitchen counter works perfectly.

Inside the box, protected by a compostable moisture pad, are the three trays of sprouting seeds.

This is what they looked like when they arrived. As you can see, they are sprouting, some a little further along than others. But they are sitting beautifully in their tray, and had not been harmed at all by the trip through the postal service!

They are also sent first class so they arrive as fast as possible.

All I had to do was add a splash of water from the tap and leave them out.

And this is what they looked like three days later!

I think they’ve definitely got a few more days to grow, but I’ve already tried them, and they really are delicious. With the warmer weather coming they are fantastic for a slightly peppery and flavourful salad.

Each box costs only £4 each, which I think is an excellent price.

Also there is no waste, every part of the packaging is compostable or recyclable!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Growing your own food, even something tiny, is very satisfying. It reminds us properly where our food comes from, as well as being delicious, plus you know there are no pesticides or other nasties. The waste-free packaging is an extra bonus. This is a lovely subscription for anyone who might like to have a go at growing something, and of course you don't need a garden. It's a great way to add extra flavour and a personal touch to your cooking. Children would be particularly interested too, and having three different seedlings to try will give you some fun taste tests as well as encouraging adventurous cooking. Small greens, small price, big flavour!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Silly Greens

  • Micro Herb Grow Boxes
  • From £5

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Silly Greens

  • Micro Herb Grow Boxes
  • From £5