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T-shirts have to be the most use item of clothing ever, and if you’re any kind of geek, you’ll definitely love a t-shirt! This is where ShirtStak comes in. Every month ShirtStak sends you a lovely geek-themed t-shirt to wear.

There’s tons of choice: size, style (unisex & female fit) and colours. What’s really cool is that they cover a huge range of themes, so you’re guaranteed to find a whole lot you like!

When it comes to design, you have two options: either you can just subscribe and they’ll send you a different shirt every month they think you’ll like, or you can actually choose your designs. You can edit your choices ahead of time, as there is a huge range already and they are constantly updating their catalog.

The company ethos is sustainable all the way, from the organic cotton to shirts printed with water-based vegetable dye that doesn’t harm the environment. They print to order so there’s no waste. And as an extra bonus, any which go wrong in the printing process are donated.

The shirt comes through the mail in a recyclable bag, and it will fit through your mailbox. There’s no extra packaging or labels at all.

I’m a big Star Wars fan so for my first design I chose this:

I love this fun retro 70s design! I’m also terrible at selfies.

You can actually choose what colour shirt you have your design printed on, so I went with black on this one as I thought would work well. (I have chosen other colours for further shirts which you’ll see in future reviews.) There are tons of colour choices, which is fantastic as some of the designs fit very well on alternative colours, and let’s face it, way too many geeky t-shirts already come in black!

The t-shirts themselves are really lovely.They’re made from 100% organic cotton, so are beautifully soft and hang really nicely. The vegetable dye means it has an ever so faded look, which I think fits really well with the style. Even the design feels quite soft, rather than that stiff plasticky thing you often get on  t-shirts like this.

I’ve chosen the female fit, which as you can see means it has a slightly wider/lower neckline than unisex crew. The sleeves are also shorter, though not just cap sleeves, they are proper sleeves. The size I chose was Medium, which is a little loose on me as technically I’m a 8-10/S size. However I deliberately chose it in a slightly bigger size because I didn’t want it to be too fitted but also not to swamp me like the straight-sided unisex t-shirts can often do to women. So the looser-but-shaped style I think works really well. Though of course if you are a similar size and want it to hug a little closer then go for your actual size.

I’m already looking forward to getting my next design! I definitely lean towards Star Wars etc. but they also have all kinds of crazy things like horror movie designs, gaming, Harry Potter, cult TV shows, and so much more, and I’ve chosen a variety that reflect my tastes.

There are also rumours that they will be starting a subscription for hoodies, and if they are anything like the t-shirts they will be brilliant. The perfect one-stop shop for all your geeky apparel needs!




Our score: 10.0/ 10

A fab t-shirt, excellent quality, and sustainable too, which is ever more important. As I said, you would absolutely find something, or rather lots of somethings, that you enjoy if you are at all into the fun geek t-shirt style, and for £13.99 a month including delivery you get a really superb high-quality t-shirt. I'm so very impressed!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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