Secret Scent Box – September 2022

You might have found the one perfect perfume to use your whole life, but really, what’s the fun in that? Not to mention that our tastes change, as well as the occasion. So it’s always useful to have a selection of perfumes that you know will be perfect at any time, which is where Secret Scent Box comes in.

Every month you receive three mini spray bottles of scent, along with scent notes, so you can try out both new and classic scents and find out which ones you love.

Escada – Sorbetto Rosso

This scent was released in 2018 as a summer edition. It’s seriously sweet and fruity, with the watermelon and pear coming through strongly. As it dries down you get some floral notes  and depth of the musk and amber coming through. This is definitely very much a fun youthful scent, quite fresh, and very reminiscent of candy or bubblegum. It would also work well in warmer weather because of its sweetness.

Calvin Klein – Eternity Summer Daze

A new scent for 2022, this is another scent that is on the fruity side of the scent spectrum. While the top notes are red berries and sorbet I found the more floral notes, especially the rose, came through strongly almost immediately. For anyone who is a fan of floral but not overly flowery or old fashioned perfumes, this is a very nice choice indeed. It has a definite summery feel, though it could easily continue into autumn.

Salvatore Ferragamo – Signorina

Signorina – meaning young woman – is a very appropriate name for this perfume. The initial hit is really rather sweet, with the currant and flowers really coming to the fore. However I found that the drydown after a little while was much more interesting. The pachouli and musk introduces a much more interesting edge of slight sharpness, which makes it much more sophisticated that the initial scent would suggest. While I do think it’s a young woman’s perfume, it’s got maturity with the youth.

Our score: 8.6/ 10

This is an interesting selection this month. I'm personally not a fan of overly sweet or floral perfumes, so with the possible exception of the Ferragmo these aren't really scents for me. I think this selection doesn't have the variety that Secret Scent usually offers, as they were all some variation of young and sweet. That being said, it was certainly interesting trying them, and it's actually given me some gift ideas for younger family members!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

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Secret Scent Box

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Secret Scent Box

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