Secret Scent Box – October 2022

If you love experimenting with perfume, Secret Scent Box is a lovely way to explore some of the wonderful scent options available.

Every month they send you three spray vials of different perfumes, along with scent note cards. These are an incredibly useful source of information about all the different aspects and varieties of scent, especially to help you identify they types and notes you enjoy.

The little vials are the perfect size to last for the month, and they’re small enough to carry round with you too.

Cacharel – Anais Anais Premier Delice

This scent was released in 2014. It opens with a great deal of fruit, rather sweet and candy-like. However I was pleased to find that the initial sweetness opened out into some powdery floral and the I could properly detect the undertone of cacao, which gave it some nice depth and maturity. While I do think this is definitely a scent aimed at a ‘younger’ market due to the sweetness, the blending is excellent and stops it being overly sweet or sickly.

Karl Lagerfeld – Tokyo Shibuya

This new (2021) perfume was a total surprise to me. I found the top notes of Japanese citrus strong and surprisingly long-lasting, and very pleasant indeed. I didn’t find the florals much ro the fore, even after a while, but the white musk and amber base notes added some interesting layers to the citrus. While it seems initially quite sweet, there is a lovely freshness to it which lifts it and reminds me of springtime.

Chopard – Casmir

Casmir has been around for a long time, since 1992, but there are good reasons for its longevity! The top fruit notes completely avoid the overly sweetness that often comes with fruitiness, but instead blend seamlessly with the vanilla and woody middle and base notes to produce a scent that is warm, slightly spiced, and creamy. It’s also surprisingly versatile, it could work as well in chilly autumnal weather and in hot desert summers. This is a delightful surprise!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

I enjoyed all three fragrances this month, the Cacherel Lagerfeld are fun especially for summer, and I like now neither of them are excessively sweet. However my standout favourite is the Chopard. I tend to favour vanilla and woody fragrances over floral or fruity, and this one ticked all the boxes for me. I'm delighted to discover it!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Secret Scent Box

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Secret Scent Box

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