Secret Scent Box – July 2023

Every month Secret Scent Box sends three vials of perfume to try out.

These little spray bottles are the perfect amount to last for four weeks, giving you the opportunity to properly try out the different scents and really live with them, which is much better than just a random spray at a department store perfume counter!

Also included are three scent notes cards, which give are very useful for discovering about the seats in a more in-depth way as well as like a guide for your own preferences.

Elizabeth Arden – Provocative Woman

This scent is really a remarkable mixture – fruity, floral, spicy, woodsy. Although the floral top notes are fairly strong the ginger and quince ensure they’re not too overly sweet. The middle notes add a nice freshness as well, and it lasts surprisingly well. I would say that this is definitely quite complex, it’s difficult to pinpoint what kind of scent it is. All the different notes catch you at slightly different moments, and if you’re a fan of something that almost keeps you guessing, this is a greta fragrance for you.

Escada – Cherry in Japan

This scent is almost the exact opposite of the one above! The cherry blossom scent is strong and sweet, almost candy-like in the beginning, and lasts quite a long time. The jasmine and tonic bean save it from being overwhelmingly sweet as it dries down, but this is definitely of the young, fresh, slightly girly scent type. It’s very pleasant though, and would be lovely for summer for younger women.

Hugo Boss – Hugo XX Woman

While the initial spray is heavy on the sweeter fruit and floral, it soon dries down into a wonderful depth where the jasmine and sandalwood combine beautifully. It’s still a moderately sweet perfume but it’s not girly, the notes balance just right to give a lovely warmth and sophistication. While this could be worn by all ages, I think it definitely has a mature suggestion, feminine and classy.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

This month's selection is wonderfully varied. From the sweetness of cherries to the warm and complex, I'm really enjoying these contrasting scents. The Escape is lovely but I find it a little too sweet for my personal taste, so the other two I can't really choose between as a favourite! I think the Hugo Boss would work very well as a 'work' perfume, as it's elegant and not too sweet. The Arden could be worn at any time, and its complexity makes it a lot of fun. I think these are very well thought out, lots of different styles while all being pleasingly feminine.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Secret Scent Box

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