Secret Scent Box – September 2021

Perfume is a very personal thing, and it can be both difficult and expensive figuring out what kind you like. If you enjoy discovering and wearing scent, the Secret Scent Box is the terrific way to try out a huge range of different perfumes. Every month you get three 5ml bottles though the letterbox, plus guidance notes.

It comes in two versions, for men or women, though generally there is at least one unisex fragrance inside.

There are three little spray vials, which are not only the perfect amount to try for a while to see how they work for you, but also a great size for travel or just keeping in your handbag.

You also get a card with scent notes for each fragrance.

Dolce & Gabbana – L’Imperatrice

Fruity is a name of the game here. The description of the top notes as including kiwi and rhubarb is bang on, it almost reminds me of a fruit salad! It’s very sweet but would work very well as a young summer fragrance. It takes a while for the sandalwood notes to appear, and they’re very subtle, but it definitely dries down a little less sweet.

Hollister – Canyon Escape for Her

This was only launched in 2020 so in pretty new on the market. It’s definitely feminine but not a fruity sweetness like the D&G, the floral notes give it some maturity and depth and the musk and and sandalwood are much more pervasive. I only got a hint of the citrus top notes but they do mean that you can get the floral scent without it being overly flowery. It’s warm rather the sweet, I really like this one.

Michael Kors – Sexy Blossom

The lychee is very noticeable in the top notes, and while I didn’t get much of the green leaves, the floral mid notes, especially the lily, come through quite quickly. The floral scent is strong, though there is a sweet sharpness that comes though that saves it from being too much like a garden. Again, a summer fragrance, or if you need to feel summery!


Our score: 9.4/ 10

Having said that there is often a unisex fragrance in the Secret Scent selection, this month's choices are decidedly feminine. Moving from sweet to floral, my favourite is the Hollister, as it definitely puts me in mind of the open air. The D&G is nice if you're into fruity scents but I found it overly sweet for my tastes, and would probably be much more suitable for a very young woman. The Kors is nicer, and I like how it dries down, but overly floral scents aren't usually my choice. Also I really do struggle with a scent called Sexy Blossom! Having said that I can see how in the right circumstance it would work well, especially after a good half our on the skin to develop. I'm still glad I was able to try them all though, as not only is there so much variety in scents, how they react on your skin is intensely personal. A terrific way to spend time sampling perfumes, and you might find your new favourite!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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Secret Scent Box

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Secret Scent Box

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