Pop In A Box – February : 2 X Pop! Television Vinyls

If you have shopped online or popped into local gaming/technology shops lately chances are you have spotted the growing collections of Pop Vinyl figures, which even in the little market town I live in are available. I was first introduced to them by my teenage daughter, she is a huge fan of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games trilogy and wanted to start collecting all the figures of each of the blockbuster films. So I was happy to try out this new (to me) subscription service from Pop In A Box, where you can sign up and choose to receive either one to 12 pops a month saving £’s the more you add, the more you decide upon the greater the savings.

Once you have created your profile you can head to the ‘Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down’ section on your account and choose exactly which Pops you would like to add to your collection. This way you only get to grow your collection with Pops you actually want, and although each month you don’t know the exact ones which will be sent what you do know is that they will be Pops which you have given a ‘Thumbs Up’ to and as each Pop is tracked on your personal profile you will never end up getting duplicates.

The beauty of this subscription is that you could start with just one or two Pop Vinyl’s a month and increase as you want to, one of the best parts I think is not knowing what the parcel will hold. The mystery of the contents is half the attraction of this subscription and as they are only Pops you want to add to your collection (‘Thumbs Up’) you will never end up getting a Pop you really don’t want or two of the same.

Being a member also has it’s perks as you get to be privy to some great discounts on their Pop Vinyls and even get entered to some amazing monthly competitions to win up to £1000 worth of Pops, on top of all that you also have the chance to grow your collection with some limited edition Pops which are exclusive to the Pop In A Box website.

So on to my first month’s subscription of Pop In A Box, I was eager to get a taste of my first delivery and I wasn’t disappointed. I received two Pops the first was Daniel Larusso 178 from the Karate Kid which I was really happy with as it was a childhood favourite film and such a cute Pop. Daniel Larusso even has his trademark headband and on the back of his karate outfit is the graphics of the iconic Bonsai tree over an orange sun. What’s not to love right?! All that’s left is to collect Mr Miyagi (179) and Johnny Lawrence (180) for this retro collection to be complete.

Next out of the box is Marie Laveau 172 from American Horror Story – Coven, it’s such a cult show with a huge following so I wasn’t surprised to see Pops available from the show. Altogether there are seven Pops to collect from the series and Marie Laveau is a really cute one to start with, she even comes with her own snake around her neck. The only imperfection with this Pop was she had a little colour which had spotted on her ankle, the reason it’s so noticeable is that it’s a white spot from her dress onto the brown of her ankle. Other that that it’s a perfect start to the American Horror Story – Coven collection.

For two Pops the cost is £16.88 plus the P&P and I think it offers good value for money as it works out to be £8.44 each, most seem to be at least £10.99 on other UK websites so this is a very economical way to grow your collection. If you are keen to grow specific collections this is the ideal way to do it, and the fact you get to choose how many Pops you can receive a month is great paired with the already great value of each Pop. Now I have had a taste of the subscription I am really looking forward to next month’s package, knowing it will have Pop’s which I really want to collect.

Pop-Jan-1 Pop-Jan-2 Pop-Jan-3 Pop-Jan-4 Pop-Jan-5

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