Pop In A Box: May 2016

Pop Vinyl figures have become one of the most collectable items and most sought after too, once you begin your collection it’s hard not to become a little obsessed and want to carry on with your favourite movies, tv shows or icons. They are quite simply little collectable toys based around a whole host of popular movies, tv shows, bands and iconic figures – you name it they are sure to have a Pop Vinyl figure to suit your taste. They are so widely available now and easily recognisable by their oversized bobble heads and highly collectable to any geek like me. It’s one of those collections that you don’t know you need until you sample a few Pop figures and then you are hooked. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are aimed primarily at children either, as the stylistic and very detailed individual characters have an ageless appeal and in fact geeky collectors like me treasure their Pop’s and the great quality in each has a lot to do with it.


Think of your favourite character, tv show, movie, cult icon, musician or superhero and you will find a Pop figure or collection of Pop figures that fits. You can literally find anything you want to collect with more added every week, and the beauty of them is you can be an avid collector and want to have collections of all your favourite genres or you can have one or two in each room to add a little fun and nostalgia. They make terrific presents as you can get the recipient a Pop to suit and buy a Pop figure for around £10 which is very affordable for a small gift they will love. What I like so much about the  Pop In A Box  subscription is it gives you a more cost effective way to grow your collection as once you have subscribed you can select all the Pop Figures you want to receive as well as all the Pop Figures you really don’t want to receive.


Once you have registered and subscribed to Pop In A Box and selected all your likes and dislikes you can choose how many Pop Figures you want to get each month and that’s it, all you need to do then is wait for your monthly delivery. The surprise of what you will get is the thrill of each delivery and you are safe in the knowledge that it will be a Pop figure on your list – it’s addictive though as once you have one Pop figure in a favourite collection it’s tempting to collect the whole lot! You can subscribe for as little as £8.49 per month and as well as a lower price on each Pop figure every month you have a chance to win lots of Pop Vinyl prizes as well.



This month in my subscription I received number 76 Harvey Bullock from the Gotham Before the Legend Pop Heroes collection, one of six in the set and I just love it. The attention to detail is perfect and as it is my first in the set I’m keen now to buy them all, see that’s what a taster does for the geek in you it wills you to have a full set in each collection!

From the Dorbz collection I also got number 043 Sulley from Monsters Inc Disney Series One this month and it’s my first Pop from the Dorbz collection. They are a little smaller than the traditional Pop figures and have the cutest caricature almost manga/kawaii designs on them, extremely collectable and as each set is released I can see them selling out really fast as they will appeal to such a wide age range. The slight difference with the Dorbz is that you can turn their little heads slightly something you can’t do with other Pop figures.


I love the two Pop’s I received this month and as a subscriber you will get regular emails to let you know of all the new released Pop figures so you can preorder them or give them a thumbs up and add them to your list. The latest additions are the first scented Pop’s from the Strawberry Shortcake set (on pre-order) new GOT Pop’s (on pre-order) Secret Life Of Pets Pop’s (on pre-order) amongst others, and it’s good to be able to purchase any favourites on pre-order as some do sell out quite fast and as you are able to get the Pop’s at a reduced price being a subscriber – just make a note of the dispatch date as some are a few months away.



If you fancy trying the subscription for yourself you can have a generous 20% off by using the link below, it’s a little incentive that Pop In a Box give all their subscribers. You as a subscriber can offer your friends and social followers a discount when they sign up and in turn Pop In A Box will send you a free Pop figure once four friends have subscribed.


Link for 20% off your first box – https://popinabox.co.uk/?a=Carohoop_


Our score: 7.8/ 10

A Pop Vinyl monthly subscription service from £8.49 per month.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

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Rating: 3.4/5. From 35 votes.
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