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The #Habdash box from Pocket & Pin is a monthly craft box, based mostly around sewing and needlecraft. Every month has a theme, and the month I tested was ‘Woodland’.

The box sat unopened on my desk for a few days because I didn’t have the time to open it, and the beautiful packaging kept me intrigued the whole time. I just couldn’t wait for my day off, when I could sit down and go through it properly.

Inside the package was a lovely handwritten note from Sarah, the lady behind the Pocket & Pin boxes. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be in every box, but it was a nice touch for this reviewer. The box itself was tied up with string, and the content was wrapped in tissue paper – a beautiful extra that made the whole thing feel even more special.

habdash4Once inside, I found a fat quarter of material, which was really cute, and came with a matching ribbon. There was also a selection of different coloured felt, some trim, a velvet ribbon, some cute themed buttons and a skein of matching thread.

The subscription price of the box is £15 per month, which initially seemed a little steep. However, when you factor in the free UK postage and the delightful packaging, it’s actually a very good deal. In addition, a six-month subscription will save you £5, though that can only be purchased as a one-off payment in advance.

craftsetPart of me wishes there was something included in the box with suggestions for craft projects, or even a pattern or project to follow, but part of me was glad to have the freedom to experiment and find my own things to do with the contents. I would say this isn’t a box for beginners, but if you’re someone who enjoys crafting, and has a list of ideas you want to try, then this is a great subscription box for you. It’s certainly one that I would love to see coming through my door every month.




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