My Pet Gift Box – November 2017

With so many pet subscription boxes on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is the right box for you and your furry friend, but I have a feeling that My Pet Gift Box may be one of the most popular ones amongst dog owners in the UK. Why? Because every box from My Pet Gift Box is 100% personalised and tailored to your dog. When you sign up, you can tell them about your dog and his/her preferences etc and the team at My Pet Gift Box will then handpick up to six products which can include high quality branded toys, treats and accessories, all suitable for your pooch.

In addition to this personalisation, you can also choose how often you would like to have the box delivered, with options available for every month, every three months and every six months. The boxes also offer excellent value for money with savings of up to 35% off if you purchased the products individually, and My Pet Gift Box operates a handy quality guarantee which means if you’re not 100% happy with any of the items in your box, they will replace them free of charge. How good is that?!

Now then, a quick disclaimer. I was very kindly sent a My Pet Gift Box this month to review, however, my box wasn’t personalised for my dogs as I was sent one suitable for small dogs. I believe this was just so I could show you all the kinds of products they include (perhaps a sample box?), so please bear this in mind as you’ll soon see that my dogs are not small in the slightest! I’m confident that if you were to sign up to My Pet Gift Box, then you’ll definitely receive a personalised box instead.

Anyway! Here’s what I found inside the My Pet Gift Box:-

Lily’s Kitchen Natural Snack Bars in Red Berry Boost

These all-natural snack bars from Lily’s Kitchen are similar to healthy food bars that us humans enjoy as they are packed full of Cranberries, Raspberries, Goji Berries, Rosehips, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Flax Seeds. However, they do contain 26% Chicken Liver as well, so definitely one for your dogs only! This pack included two small snack bars and my dogs loved them – they were gone in seconds – always a good sign!

Lily’s Kitchen Gimme Five Training Treats with Cheese & Apple

Also from Lily’s Kitchen was a pack of Training Treats, flavoured with Cheese and Apple. These 100% organic, healthy bite-sized biscuits are baked and contain all-natural ingredients which includes real Farmhouse Cheddar and Apples. My dogs go crazy for cheese, so it was no surprise when I saw them both drooling over these! I really like this brand and will definitely repurchase some more of these in the future.

Billy & Margot Strawberry & Apple Training Biscuits

The next box of treats that I pulled out of the box were these delicious sounding Strawberry & Apple training biscuits from Billy & Margot. These were quite similar to the ones from Lily’s Kitchen above, as they’re also made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and are baked for a healthier treat. They contain Oats, Barley, Chicken, Linseed, Seaweed, Strawberry and Apple to provide your dog with extra nutrients. Needless to say, they were quickly devoured by my two pooches!

Forthglade Training Treats in Apple & Blueberry

The last bag of treats are from Forthglade, and these are 100% natural, grain-free, hand-baked treats which contain ingredients such as Sweet Potato, Cheese, Apple, Seaweed, Linseed and Blueberries. I was also impressed that these have natural Prebiotics in them which is great for dog’s tummies! Like all the other treats, my dogs really enjoyed these and they were the perfect size for little treats throughout the day.

Kong Squeakair Tennis Ball

Moving onto the toys! There were two dog toys in this month’s box and I was pleased to see that they were both from Kong, who are a fantastic brand.

This Squeakair Tennis Ball quickly became a favourite of Toby’s because he goes CRAZY for anything with a squeaker in it! Although he has a big mouth, he’s very careful with them and we always supervise him when he’s playing with his toys.

Kong Gyro 

Although this is designed for Small dogs (see the disclaimer part at the start of this review), I was curious to try it as Chloe loves toys that have treats in them. With the Kong Gyro, you fill the blue ball with small treats (I used the Billy & Margot ones above) and then the dog has to move it around so that the treats fall out. It’s made from plastic and the red outer ring helps the ball to ‘spin’ around, making it a more challenging toy for your dog to play with. Let’s see how we got on!

Chloe enjoyed playing with the Kong Gyro and quickly worked out how it dispensed the treats. She also likes to take it into her bed and roll it around with her nose – very cute to watch and it keeps her entertained!

Toby also had to have a play with it!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

My dogs really enjoyed the treats in this month's box and the Kong toys were also a fun addition that kept them entertained! All of the products were of a high quality and the box definitely offered great value for money.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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