Pasta Evangelists – January 2018: Artisanal Pasta Dishes

Pasta is one of my favourite comfort foods, especially during the Winter months. However, where I live, it’s quite difficult to find fresh, handmade and good quality pasta anywhere. I usually end up resigning myself to buying ‘fresh’ pasta from the chiller section at the supermarket, but it’s never as good as the proper stuff! Thankfully, you can purchase anything online these days and Pasta Evangelists are here to save the day!

Pasta Evangelists specialise in creating and delivering fresh artisanal pasta dishes across the UK. Their chefs use only the finest seasonal ingredients and source these direct from Italy where possible to keep the recipes authentic, preparing the final product in London, ready to be shipped throughout the UK. Each box from Pasta Evangelists contains the very best, fresh, handmade pasta, authentic Italian sauces and garnishes, and comes complete with an easy to follow set of instructions on how to prepare the dish in the comfort of your own home.

Their menu changes week to week, and they cater for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, so there’s always something exciting and delicious to look forward to! I was lucky enough to try out two of their Vegetarian pasta dishes to give you an idea of what you can expect from Pasta Evangelists. My box arrived quickly via courier and everything was in perfect condition, with plenty of chill bags to keep the products nice and cold.

Each dish comes with a little history and origins story, and the instructions for how to make it are super easy. With pasta, these dishes are ready in a matter of minutes – perfect for a fast lunch or dinner when you’re short on time or arrive at home late! The ingredients are all separated into individual bags or pots and are colour coordinated, so you know what goes with which meal.

Meal 1: Gnocchi filled with Tomato & Mozzarella, with Pecorino, Basil Oil & Tomato Sauce

This was the first dish that I decided to try as I haven’t eaten any Gnocchi in a very long time. Whilst traditional non-filled Gnocchi has been popular in Italian cuisine since Ancient Roman times, filled-Gnocchi is very much a ’21st-century upgrade’ and is a delicious Vegetarian alternative to the mainly meat-based dishes that Gnocchi is usually served with.

For this meal, I received a packet of fresh handmade Gnocchi filled with a homemade Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella cheese, a packet of Tomato sauce, a pot of Pecorino cheese and a pot of Basil Oil. Putting it together was quick and easy – the Gnocchi cooked in 2-3 minutes, then it was simply a matter of heating up the Tomato Sauce and pouring it over the Gnocchi onto the dish. To finish, I sprinkled over the Pecorino cheese and Basil Oil.

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal! The Gnocchi was beautiful and the best that I’ve ever tasted. Every single piece was bursting with flavour, with the Mozarella inside melting perfectly and the Tomato Sauce adding a touch of tanginess and sweetness at the same time. The serving portion was perfect too as it filled me up nicely, though it was so delicious I probably could have eaten more!

Meal 2: Pansoti Spinaci E with Salsa Di Noci & Parmesan

The second meal was very different and featured Pansoti, a traditional filled pasta from the Liguria region. The main difference between Pansoti and other filled pastas, is that Pansoti is accompanied by a walnut sauce (Salsa Di Noci). Italy is the world’s third-largest producer of walnuts, and Italians have used them in numerous dishes since the Ancient Roman times. I have never had a pasta dish with salsa di noci so I was excited to try this!

I received a packet of fresh Pansoti filled with Spinach and Ricotta cheese, a packet of Salsa Di Noci, a pot of chopped Walnuts and a pot of Parmesan. Like the dish above, this one was also incredibly easy to make. I just cooked the Pansoti for 4-5 minutes, heated up the Salsa Di Noci and tossed the Pansoti in it, finishing it off with the Walnuts and Parmesan on top.

This meal was so wonderfully comforting and I enjoyed every mouthful! The Pansoti was amazing, with the delicate flavours of the Spinach and Ricotta working perfectly inside each parcel, and the creamy Salsa di Noci really surprised me as it’s completely different to anything that I’ve tasted before. Absolutely delicious!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

If you love fresh, high-quality, proper pasta and want to have delicious artisanal meals delivered to your door every week, Pasta Evangelists is a must-try!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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