Pact Coffee november 2014

I have to say, I was impressed by the service at PACT Coffee right from the very start. Their website is simple, clear, and easy to use. They make the process of choosing your subscription package very easy – just tell them what you use to brew your coffee (in our case, an Aeropress), and whether or not you would like to grind the beans yourself (we chose the ready-ground). Then simply opt for the frequency of your deliveries, select the type of flavour you want, and sit back and wait.


Almost immediately, we received an email from PACT, introducing us to our coffee specialist, and making sure we knew what was going on. After a few days, there was a follow-up phone call from another member of the team, who wanted to check that we were happy with the service so far. This personal touch is excellent, and makes you feel that PACT really does care for its customers. Bravo, PACT!

The coffee itself arrived very quickly, and though there isn’t a flavour description on the packet, it’s very easy to find the details online.

It smells *amazing*, and definitely tasted every bit as good as any ‘coffee chain’ brew. Since we don’t drink coffee every day, it will last us for quite a while. However, you can choose to have your deliveries much more frequently – up to weekly, if you need your caffeine fix daily!

In conclusion, this is a great service for coffee lovers, run by people who love coffee, with emphasis on customer service.

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Pact are on a mission to get you drinking the best coffee you’ve ever made. With their handy subscription service, you can get fresh coffee sent right to your door. And, because Pact like to keep things flexible, you can pause or restart your deliveries at any time. To get your first bag of great-tasting coffee for £1, simply use the code ASB14 when you sign up online.

If you like your beans ground, Pact will grind them just minutes before they are sent, then seal in a special valve bag which keeps coffee fresher for longer. They also make sure they grind to suit your brewing method (fine for espresso, coarse for cafetiere and everything in between). Or if you grind your own, Pact can send your coffee whole-bean.

With a Pact subscription, you’ll never run out of fresh coffee again and with their flexible service you can amend your orders at any time. Future bags are £6.95 including delivery.

£6.95 per bag, including free next day delivery!

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