nomakenolife – nmnl Japanese Beauty – October 2017

nomakenolife is a monthly subscription box of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products. Japanese women take their skincare very seriously, and their beauty products are superb quality. They are also very big on products which contain natural ingredients, including collagen, and avoiding harsh chemicals.
Here are the basics:
They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing $29.99, $29.00, $28.33, and $27.50 per month respectively. At current exchange rates this is £22.38, £21.64, £21.14, and £20.52. Shipping is free.
nmnl is part of the TokyoTreat group, who also produce TokyoTreat, a lovely box of Japanese snacks, and YumeTwins, an equally lovely box of kawaii Japanese goodies.
Here is their shipping box. I love their branding; it’s simple but striking, and the box itself is nice and robust.
On top is their menu booklet.
This contains a list of items, plus useful information about each one. This can include ingredients and instructions as to use.
Now let’s see everything individually.
This is Propolinse Sakura Mouthwash. The box contains six individual sachets, which are pretty generaous in size. If you’re not moving around immediately you could probably get a couple of rinses per sachet. 
Very handy for travelling, and contains xylitol. 
This is an accessory rather than an actual beauty product. This Japanese Pattern Powder Puff has a cute floral pattern, and the business side of it is 100% cotton. 
You could use this for face or body powder, but it would as it’s not that big would probably be more suitable for your face. It’s lovely and soft too.
I love this item. It’s Sweets-Sweets Fruits Tint Lip Serum, and it smells delicious.
It gives your lips a lovely shine and the colour itself is very sheer, just a tiny hint. I don’t really wear lipstick but I do like just a tiniest bit of colour and shine. This also acts as a moisturizer and primer, and perfect for when regular lip balm just won’t quite cut it!
I’ve not come across hair fragrance before! This Sailor Moon Venus Spa Hair Fragrance is one of five possible scents. 
I don’t know exactly which fragrance this is because I can’t read the Japanese text, but it’s lovely and fruity. 
Well, it is Halloween this month! This Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull Art Mask is perfect for a little spooky pampering! Not only does it contain collagen, Vitamin E, and other lovely skin-plumping ingredients, it has a lovely cherry scent! 
What a fun box!

The only item I’m less keen on is the powder puff. It’s very pretty, and the quality is nice, but it’s just not something I’d ever use.

I really like the mouthwash sachets. One of those is perfect to take on an overnight trip without the hassle of bringing the whole bottle.

The lip serum is lovely, it goes on really nicely and I can definitely see it going into my regular cosmetics bag, or even my handbag!

The hair scent is a bit of a funny one, but I like it. I actually think I’m going to send it to my gorgeous best friend, because she lives in the country, has horses, and frequently complains how stinky her hair is. I’ve never notived personally, but I think she will get a big kick out of this!

Finally, I love sheet masks, and this one is so much fun! I’m going to save it for Halloween.

Now to value. As these are all Japanese brands it’s often very difficult to find prices on these, so I’m not going to do an individual breakdown. I will say that I’ve never had a box that wasn’t good value for money.

I found the lip serum on an English-language site that shipped from Japan, and it cost £13.16. However you had to pay for shipping. I also found a set of five of the hair fragrance sprays for just under £50, so just under a tenner each. Again, shipping not included.

So even just these two items are very close to the value of the whole box, and this doesn’t take into account actually getting them here!

There’s no doubt this is terrific value, and even if one of the items isn’t really for me, I’m very pleased with the wide array of beauty products!



Our score: 8.8/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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