nomakenolife – nmnl Japanese and Korean Beauty – September 2019

nomakenolife – nmnl Japanese and Korean Beauty – September 2019

Nomakenolife contains 8 – 9 items of cosmetic, hair, and skincare products from both Japan and Korea, two places which are very serious about their beauty products.

They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing from $35 (around £27) for one month (longer subscriptions are cheaper). Shipping is free.

The September box is all about the flowers!

I’m expecting to see lots of lovely floral items in this Blossoming Beauty box.

The menu booklet shows you all the items in the box, plus tips for use. As this box contains items from both Japan and Korea, you’ll also see the origin of each product.

There are also some cute extras in the booklet, such as this guide to the use of flowers in skincare.

This Etude House Nose Pack is probably a fairly familiar product. It’s one of those patches that you stick on your nose, leave until dry, and then they are supposed to pull blackheads etc. out of your skin. This one is green tea scented, which is definitely not something I’ve see before! I have to say that I don’t like these as I understand they are actually nor good for your skin. However I also know people who swear by them,  so each to their own!

This Spring Eyelash Curler is a cute addition to your cosmetic tools. It’s a nice colour and compact in size.

Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow is an interesting product! It’s a lipstick that goes on practically clear, but develops into a subtle pink colour with the heat of your skin. You can add extra layers for more depth of colour, or you can use it almost like a tinted lip balm.

Another lip product, this time we have The Yeon Rosy Lips. The tiny rose packaging is a pleasure in itself, and inside in a light lip cream that adds colour without being overwhelming. It can also be used as blusher, and inside the compact is a tiny mirror, making it perfect for your handbag.

Joteki 10 Second Morning Sheets are a really useful item! They are cleansing sheets to use in the morning, which means they also moisturise as well as clean off the overnight dirt from your face. These are especially good for travelling, and I can imagine they’d be perfect for taking in hand luggage to avoid taking liquid cleanser and moisturizer.

This month’s sheet mask is an Etude House Therapy Air Mask. You’ll get one of four floral masks, and according to the flower guide in the menu booklet, Rose is great for hydration, which is perfect for my dry skin!

The final two items complement each other perfectly.

First, Crayon Touch Me Mascara. This comes in black, in one of three options, each of which has a differently shaped brush. (I’ve got the Volume version.)

There’s also Crayon Touch Me Mascara Top Coat. 

Curl your eyelashes with the curler, apply mascara, and then the top coat helps both mascara and curl stay in one place. Especially useful for those days when your mascara wants to creep towards your cheek!



Our score: 8.8/ 10

I love the sheet mask this month! I'm not quite convinced by the nose strip, especially as it's only one rather than a pack, and they're something which is available everywhere, not this brand of course, but it's a common product. The mascara and curler combination is fun, and also the lip colours a great, especially because they can both be quite subtle. My favourite item this month is the pack of cleansing and moisturizing sheets, they're great for travelling and also simply lazy morning! While I think the balance isn't quite right, with two similar lip products and three eyelash-related items, overall there are some lovely products in this month's selection.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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