Nomakenolife: May 2023 – Angelic Wink

Now we’re well into Spring nomakenolife is having some beauty and cosmetic fun with the Angelic Wink box! It’s all about sparkle, shimmer, and playfulness.

The menu booklet tells you all about the different products, and there are also some fun beauty tips and ideas for different looks to achieve with this month’s selection.

Lit.Lit.Lit False Eyelashes, Kirei Factory Angel Mascara

You get three pairs of eyelashes with their own case. One of several styles, these striking lashes are designed to give as full a look as possible while remaining with a natural look. The carrying case is useful, both for storage and transport, and they’re certainly made to create a terrific impact!

Another eye-focused product with the mascara. This brand has several quite unusual shades, and in the box is one of two quite light choices. This one is Ice Grey (the other is Moon Beige) and while that sounds and unusual colour for a mascara, it’s amazing what a striking effect it can create, especially with dark eyes. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t budge, and the curved brush is great for increasing curl.

Milico Eye Pencil, I’m Meme Stick Shadow Shimmer, Milico Eye Shadow

The eyebrow pencil is another non-traditional shade, a mid brown called Almond Latte. Like the mascara above, this is for creating some more unusual looks, and while the centre portion is rather fragile, it does create an interesting effect.

The shadow stick is a really useful product. It’s rather like a crayon or large pencil, and it goes on the eyes easily. I think it’s definitely more for a subtle shimmery look than a dramatic effect, but it stays in place very well, and despite the shimmer it feels completely smooth.

The eyeshadow is the product here for more impact when it comes to colour. The one I have is Brown Gold, and it can be used both as a subtle shine and also as a darker colour, depending on how much you use. The pigment is deep enough to give quite a dramatic look, and the shimmer really does stand out. The packaging is also worth a mention, as rather than a hinged lid, the lid slides across, which means it’s much less likely to break if accidentally dropped!

Pure Smile Essence Yogurt Mask, Nature Republic Rose Sheet Mask

The yogurt mask is designed to moisturise and brighten firm skin. It also contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for firming, plus the strawberry scent is delicious!

The rose sheet mask is really wonderful, especially for sensitive skin. The rose scent is lovely, and the mask is both refreshing and soothing, a really pleasure to use.

YACYURE Foaming Acne Wash

Foaming face wash is a specialty of both Korea and Japan, and this one is aimed at more problem skin. That being said, the ingredients are designed to smooth, soothe, and moisturise – it’s important not to dry out breakouts! – and so it’s really suitable for anyone. I’m past the stage of acne, fortunately, but I still find it extremely pleasant to use, and foaming cleanser is one of my absolute favourite beauty products.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

While I don't quite see the 'Angelic' part of the theme, I certainly understand the 'Wink' with the focus on the eyes in the cosmetics! I think my favourite is the shimmer stick, which is a really pleasure to use and excellent for some everyday shine. I must confess that I'm rather alarmed by false eyelashes, as I don't really like things being stuck near my eyes, and I'm fortunate to have rather nice natural lashes that look even better with mascara. But it's great to have such a variety of items that, which superficially neutral, offer a lot of experiment with in terms of different look. My favourite this month though is the face wash - it's not particularly glamorous, but I absolutely adore foaming face washes, they are absolutely the best, not least because they last for ages and always seem to be both effective and gentle. I don't mind that it's not technically for normal clear skin, it works perfectly and on the very rare occasions I have breakouts this will certainly help!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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