Nomakenolife: March 2023 – Kawaii Cosmetics

This month nomakenolife is giving us a couple of well-known mashups between makeup and kawaii and anime culture!

Kawaii culture is huge in Japan, and the items in nomakenolife boxes frequently reflect the fun looks than can be created. The menu booklet tells us about everything inside the box, and it includes items from anime favourite Demon Slayer and Korean kawaii icon BT21.


K-Palette Demon Slayer 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner, K-Palette Demon Slayer Sugar Scrub

The 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner has become a bit of a cosmetic icon in Japan. K-Palette teamed up with Dragon Slayer to create a variety of items featuring characters from this incredibly popular anime series. The first is the famous eyeliner, which really is superb. It’s got a brush tip and can produce and impressively thin line. The actual liner itself lasts all day and is smudge and sweat proof. It’s easily removable with warm water, but before that it holds brilliantly.

The Sugar Scrub is a multipurpose lip product. It works as an exfoliant, lip moisturiser and balm, and also a night pack, and it also smells lovely! A really useful product, and of course the packaging is very cute.

BT21 Sti,,ung Eye Glitter, BT21 Minini Essence Sheet Mask, BT21 Jelly Candy Lip Tint

BT21 are an adorable collection of characters created by the K-Pop band BTS. They have become a cultural icon in their own right, and have all kinds of fun merchandise. These three items are a terrific selection.

The eye glitter comes in a pouch with a little applicator, and it’s semi-liquid. You use the applicator to apply to the eyelid, and then you can kind of smudge it around to give the area you want some sparkle.

I do love a sheet mask, and this is one of six different possibilities. It features the character Chimmy and promotes ‘clear and luminous skin’.

Finally, there’s a cute candy-shaped lip tint, which is perfect for a tiny hint of colour and shine in super cuter packaging.

Surprise Makeup Item –Metallic Eyeliner (green), Mystery Item – Fragrance Stick, Hello Kitty Makeup Brush Cleaner

The first two items are mystery items, so one of a while lot of different possibilities. The Metallic Eyeliner is a creamy pencil which you can use on the upper or lower lid for a dramatic look.

The Fragrance stick is a solid perfume, which is actually a very useful item to have in your bag or for travelling, not least because it’s easy to apply and can’t spill! This is a jasmine and camomile scent which is lovely and light, plus the packaging with all the birds and botanicals is very pretty.

Finally, there’s all the kawaii with Hello Kitty. This beauty accessory is actually incredibly useful – it’s important to keep your makeup brushes clean, and the textured rubber plate – in a super cute shape! – is perfect for this.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

I really like there are two fun collabs this month, especially the contrast between Demon Slayer and BT21! Even though collabs can seem a bit gimmicky, this isn't the case here, as all the items, especially the eyeliner, really are quality cosmetics and work beautifully. I'm not always wild about too many 'mystery items' because it looks like they want to get rid of some excess stock, but the ones I have are actually pretty good, plus the awesome BT21 and Demon Slayer, not to mention the Kello Kitty brush cleaner (super useful) more than make up for them.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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