Nomakenolife: June 2023 – Color Pop Pretty

This month’s nomakenolife box Color Pop Pretty of beauty products from Japan and Korea is all about fun and vibrant colours of summer, as well as products to sparkle and shine.

The menu booklet tells you all about the different items and how to use them. There’s also a section about the latest beauty trend in Japan and Korea, which is accentuating the under-eye area. There’s even a product in the box to help replicate this look!

KarteMade Drip Serum, The Yeon Rosy Lips (Mystery Item), BT21 Makeup Sponge

The pouch is one of three different serum possibilities. This one contains Vitamin C and is designed to tighten pores and smooth the skin tone. The serum itself isn’t very liquid as you might expect, instead it’s almost jelly-like, but it goes on very smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, which is good for going on under makeup.

The cult little rose pot contains a tinted lip cream that has a surprisingly intense colour when layered. Apparently it can also be used on the cheeks, and of course the packaging is gorgeous!

BT21 is a highly popular set of characters created by the K-Pop band BTS, and they have a ton of merchandise! Even though it’s a tie-in, it actually works very well, with a large and small end for details work. It can also be soaked in water which makes it bigger and apparently creates a more dewy look to the skin.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll Eyeshadow Palette, Milico Pure Glitter Lip Gloss, DODO Under-Eye Eyeliner

Mary Quant was one of the fashion icons of the 60s, and also expanded into makeup and cosmetics. Her brand has been in Japan for 50 years, and was commemorated by creating a new line of colourful cosmetics. This is one of the fun eyeshadows, featuring contrasting colours to be mixed and matched to create all kinds of wild looks. The colours are shimmery and can be layered beautifully, and work well for a subtle or more dramatic look.

You can create a great glittery effect with the lip gloss. The colour is very subtle and transparent, but the shimmer gives a fun twist on the natural look.

The eyeliner is featured in the menu booklet. It’s the product to use to create the under-eye accentuation that’s one of the latest trends, and it’s a soft pink colour. While this might seem a rather unusual look, it’s definitely something to experiment with, and the twistable crayon tip is easy to control.

Pure Smile Mixed Fruit Essence Mask, Pure Smile Camellia Essence Mask

Both these masks work to moisturise the skin. The mixed fruit also uses yogurt powder which helps with toning. The Camellia contains Vitamin E and collagen, and helps to smooth out any dryness or roughness. They are very moist with plenty of essence to rub in the face afterwards, and also both smell very good!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

There is definitely colour this month, both in the products and the packaging! I'm quite delighted by the Mary Quant eyeshadow, I hadn't heard of this range but I love it, especially the slightly retro looks. The sparkly lip gloss is lovely too, great for a subtle shimmer which is ideal for the summer months. I'm often not that keen on 'mystery items', not least because I sometimes have to work out what they are! But I'm glad about the little rose lip pot, it looks super cute and the product itself is very nice indeed. As for the masks, you can never have too many of them! I like this month's selection very much, there's a great balance of skincare and cosmetics, and they work very well for this time of year too.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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