Nomakenolife: July 2023 – Harajuku Neon Lights

After last month’s fun summer colours, this month nomakenolife is taking us on a colourful tour inspired by the night time neon lights of Harajuku.

Harajuku is a district of Tokyo known for its wild fashion looks and vibrant displays. Fun makeup looks are an intrinsic part of this, so what better way to add to your collection?

PRM Rainbow Point Eyelashes

These are a set of super colourful eyelash edges, that are designed to be applied to the outer corner of the eye for a cute and dramatic effect. I think these could work really well as single colours or even as a combination, and they’re bright enough to be noticeable butter much more subtle than a full set of colourful lashes!

DODO Multi Glitter, DODO Double Crayon Eyeshadow

This is a liquid-based glitter with applicator and it can be used preen much every wear – eyes, face, and even for some extra sparkle in your hair! It comes in one of three colours: here is the Starlight Clear, which is a slivery iridescent sparkle that goes with everything.

For and extra pop of colour, the chunky eyeshadow pencil has a clever dual colour tip – there’s a shiny base colour plus a bright accent colour (this one is a fun pink) and you can either use separately or combine them together.

Love Liner Romantic Bloom Eyeshadow Palette, Neon Flash Nail Stickers, Sanrio Keychain Hand Soap

The eyeshadow palette contains a mixture of colours and textures from glitter to matte, which can be used to make a while range of different looks, from subtle to party time!

There are more bright colours with the Neo nail stickers, which look bright and fun on their own and also glow under blacklight! Perfect for summer partying, and the floral shapes are extra cute.

Hand soap (or rather hand sanitiser) is a very useful thing to have in your bag, especially when you’re around a lot of people. This cute bottle features a Sanrio character – I’ve got Kuromi – and clips conveniently onto your bag. It also has a lovely scent, which is a great relief because sometimes these hand sanitisers don’t smell great!

Hakusa Sheet Mask, theSAEM Natural Mask Sheet (Lemon)

After partying all night, a sheet mask is the perfect way to allow your skin to recover. The first contains koi amazake, which is made from fermented rice, and has moisturising qualities, as well as firming the skin and improving texture.

The other mask is also great for moisturising, and has a lovely natural scent and a soft texture against the skin.



Our score: 9.6/ 10

I love nail stickers, they're such a fun way to jazz up your nails, and I think that even though they're small, they might be my favourite item this month! A close second is the glitter and the eyelashes, they're incredibly versatile and are perfect for creating some really fun looks whether you want to be subtle or dramatic. Any sheet masks are fine with me, I love using them especially when weather and cosmetics can take their toll on the skin. The eyeshadow palette is actually really lovely, though it doesn't quite fit in with the bright colour pops of the theme. But that's a small complaint, and overall this month's selection is a lot of fun, perfect for partying all summer night!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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