Nomakenolife: July 2022 – Vacation Vibes

This month we’re looking forward to the summer holiday season with Vacation Vibes!

The booklet tells you all about each item, as well as some top tips for awesome places to visit in Japan and Korea.

Skin Lip Tattoo

This clever lip product isn’t a real tattoo of course, but instead it gives your lips a layer of colour that will last for up to 24 hours, even through eating and swimming! There are instructions for use helpfully included in the booklet, and this is a super useful way of keeping up the glamour by the beach or pool.

16Brand Filter Shot, Kirei Factory Stardust Killer Stick Shadow (Mystery Japanese Eye Product), dodo Hologram Lip & Eye

This neat Filter Shot palette is designed for contouring, great for holiday selfies. I got the Natural Almond version which is for natural shading.

There was a mystery Japanese eye item in this box, and I got a fantastic shimmery eyeshadow stick. You can draw it on or make it smudgy, either was it’s fab for a little bit of sparkle.

The hologram is designed to be used on both the lips and eyes, and is iridescent so it changes colour with different angles. You can use it alone or as a layer over other products, but again, it’s a great product for adding some extra glamour, especially in the evening.

Okuchi Lemon, Bong Bong Sheet Mask

While technically this isn’t cosmetics, this package of individual portions of lemon-flavoured mouthwash are incredibly useful for travelling. The mouth wash tastes great, and as an extra bonus, you can see the crud it removes when you spit, which is both gross and satisfying.

One of a selection of fruity face masks, this one is pear which gives lovely glossy skin and great for soothing in hot weather.

One Piece Nami’s Whipping Net, 16Brand Finger Mini Mirror

A couple of great accessories here. The net (themed with one of the characters from the manga One Piece) makes your regular body wash super foamy and bubbly, and very satisfying to use.

A mini mirror is always a useful thing to have in your bag, again perfect for travelling. Plus it’s a really cute design!


Our score: 9.4/ 10

This month's cosmetics selection has really gone big on the sparkle! It's really fun to have extra glam looks especially for summer nights. I also think the lip tattoo is a brilliant addition, it's one less thing to think about during the day. It's really cool that it stays put even in water! Masks are always a favourite for me, but one of my favourite things this month is the mouthwash packs. If you can't get a chance to brush your teeth this is a fantastic way to freshen up, especially when travelling in hot weather can be so uncomfortable. I do like it when nomakenolife include travel-friendly items, this one is a real winner! Over all this is a great selection to kick off the summer holiday season.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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