Nicely Noted February 2015

Nicely NotedHooray for prettiness and soft colours and running your fingers over the ups and downs of a letterpressed card!

Nicely Noted sends you 3 (beautiful) letterpress cards in the post every month, all ‘locally’ produced in the US. If you live in the States you can also get 3 not-your-average-stamp stamps to go with your pretty cards but sadly that service isn’t available in the UK – you’ll have to shift yourself down to your local post office if you want anything other than the Queen’s portrait on your stamps.

Nicely Noted

The cards arrive in a sweet Nicely Noted envelope held together with a Nicely Noted compliments slip bearing the message ‘Keep in touch, Perry’ in Perry’s handwriting, giving the appearance of a handwritten note. Perry Nelson is the founder of the company and this beautiful touch blends seamlessly with what the company is all about – the love of writing and receiving letters.

Every month’s collection has a theme and January 2015’s theme was ‘Thanks’, which was apt considering the gift-giving season of December had just passed!

I am, admittedly, a paper lover and these cards just hit all the right places for my style. In reality, they had me at ‘letterpressed’.

  • Nicely Noted“Owls Well” by Thimble Press ( I didn’t feel this card fit perfectly into the ‘thank you’ category but it’s an adorable card for a hard-to-find occasion. A ‘yay, you made it through!’ of sorts. The colours are bright and happy and the print quality is excellent – it’s so well made it would actually be quite a sweet framed print. This one will be going into my stash for future use.
  • “Pic-A-Nic” by Hammer Press ( was the smallest of the 3 cards and also the only blank one. Whilst I usually quite like graphic designs, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one – it felt ‘ok’, but of course this is a very subjective thing. It’s great quality and will certainly find its way into a parcel at some point for a hip young cousin.
  • “Many thanks” by the Odd Daughter Paper Co ( I’m not usually this affected by pink (turquoises, teals and yellows are my thing) but honestly, THIS PINK. This is an absolutely stunning, delicate card in pastel tones that made the heart eyes emoji pop straight into my head. It will be used almost immediately but only for someone with a comparable love of cards!

But for a UK based consumer, there’s no getting away from the price. At the time of writing, they cost $20 (£12.96)/month or $220 (£142.56)/year, equalling roughly $6.66(£4.32) per card with a monthly subscription and $6.11(£3.96) for a year subscription per card.
Nicely NotedHaving said this, they’re all excellent quality and they are without a doubt, beautiful (if this is your style as it is mine). The cards included not only support local (to the US) letterpress shops but each collection is well thought out for all kinds of buyer – in this collection for example, they didn’t stick with the words ‘Thank you’ scrawled across the front of every card. The variety makes sure there are multiple uses for them in case you’re not the ‘thank you card’ kind of person. So if you feel like treating yourself to a few extra special (and extra expensive for now) cards, Nicely Noted is a great gift.

To finish on an additional tip: if you’re looking for some small prints to frame, I would very much recommend looking at Nicely Noted’s past collections – you can still buy some of them!


Nicely Noted was born out of a love of writing and receiving letters, in addition to a lifelong appreciation for beautiful stationery. Perry Nelson (Founder) thought sending a few handpicked, letterpressed cards each month, complete with the stamps to send them, might be just they way to get folks practising the wonderful art of letter writing again.

Nicely Noted helps people discover new designers and enjoy the convenience of having the perfect card on hand. You get to look forward to receiving a care package each month, and pass that joy along to the recipients of all of your letters!



$20 (£12.96)/month

$220 (£142.56)/year


None at the moment.

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Nicely Noted

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Nicely Noted

  • Letterpress stationery
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