My Tea Time, Variety Box November 2015

Lemune Super Boost – immunity booster.
A tea made from Lemongrass, Silver Needle tea, Goji Berry, when brewed as per instructions it is a light, slightly gingery, fruity tea. It can be re-used and brewed twice so I left the second brew much longer than stated on the box. This resulted in a brew tasting more of the white (silver needle) tea with ginger and lemongrass base notes. Both versions of the tea are delicious.

Four Beautea – Clarifying Beauty Blend
Tea made from, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Goji Berry. Unbrewed it appears to have a lot of rose in so I was both excited and a little hesitant to try this one – sometimes that much rose can be a little over powering! It tasted much grassier than I expected and very little of rose, if brewed a little longer the rose came through more strongly. If you like chammomile this tea is for you.

Jasmine Pearl Zen –  Calming and detoxifying
Jasmine Flower and Jasmine Pearl tea. This tea has a lovely appearance, the gunpowder tea is rolled into balls and there are a lot of jasmine flowers. The tea has a strong grassy note (similar to chammomile) and a lovely base note of jasmine. Unlike some Jasmine teas this is not over powering at all. The leaves are large and a nice quality. Adding a squeeze of lemon juice seems to balance out the grassiness and improves the flavour a lot. The second brew held up well and tasted as good as the first.

Blooming Flower Tea – Detox and antioxidants
Green tea and whole flowers. Unless you have a glass tea pot brew this one in a clear jug with a plate across the top. This tea bloomed beautifully, it opened up fairly slowly to reveal three types of flowers and a lot of ‘foliage’ made of the green tea itself. It was a lovely display. The taste was perfectly pleasant. Not the best green tea I’ve ever had but pretty good. The tea was much higher quality tasting than many of the blooming flower teas you can buy at supermarkets.

Fillable teabags
A great idea, these smallish cotton tea bags can be filled with your favourite tea to brew them if you don’t have access to a tea pot and strainer. They work well but as with all tea bags they don’t allow the tea to move as much as it should so you get a slightly weaker, less balanced, brew.

lemunne superboost

No overall menu was given which would have been nice. The pots of tea had their name and a number of symbols on the top. However a full key was given for the symbols, though some were explained on the inside of the box, I had to log onto the My Tea Time website to look them up. The pots also do not give the ingredients of each blend, again I had to look this up on their website – adding a card with the ingredients would be very useful as the type of tea in each blend (green, black, white) or herbs should dictate how hot the water should be.
Tea comes in little clear pots, these are sturdy and resuable.

jasmine pearl zen 2

The teas were all good quality, similar to what you would expect in a specialist tea shop – with the exception of the flowering tea.

four beautea

£4.50 per box. 10 brews including the 2nd infusions so it’s not as cheap as buying a box of tea however it’s great for variety and not too pricey, the quality of the ingredients is very good.

fillable tea bags

The teas were nicely varied and each have their own suggested purpose. It would be nice to have a black tea blend in there too though.

flowering tea

flowering tea side

A great box filled with good quality and varied teas. The quality is similar to what you would get at specialist tea shops. You can vary how often you want to receive your My Tea Time box (every week or every fortnight) and the types of tea you would like to recieve (variety box, caffiene free, flower box, fruitea box or detox box). I’m not sure how many different blends they have but I would like to try some more!

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