Mud & Bloom- March 2018

Mud & Bloom- March 2018

This box box of nature- and garden- related activities and crafts is superb for helping children learn and enjoy the outdoors. Quick blurb & pricing:

The boxes are for 3-8 year old’s and will be delivered through your letter box at the beginning of each month.

Each box includes everything you need for two seasonal activities: one gardening and one nature craft – along with instructions, quizzes and games aimed at teaching children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall.

Activities have been created by qualified teachers and they support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.

Cost: £7.95 per month including postage (UK only)

More things to grow this month!

There are some lovely activities here. Even though the weather is still cold (and it actually snowed again today!) we’ve still managed to spot some of the signs of spring.

To grow this month: Giant Sunflowers and Cucumbers!

We found a couple more little pots for the cucumber seeds.

Though we had to use a bigger bowl for the sunflowers! When they start to grow and the weather gets warmer we’ll plant them outside.

This Make Your Own Miniature Garden activity was a a big hit!

Can you see that cute little red and white mushroom? That was included in the box!

The instructions suggested collecting bits and pieces when out on a walk, but as we were only walking in town that day we kept to the garden. We put gravel and soil in a dish, and then collected various bits, including rosemary, moss, and flowers. It was also extremely cold and snowing slightly, so we made our collection plans before rushing out to pick everything!

We also cut twigs to make a little teepee. Little C decided the red and white cloth would look pretty!

Does’t that look lovely? Little C decided it would be a fairy garden, and even though the daffodils won’t last, the moss and grass should keep going if we water it!

Once again, this is a lovely collection of activities. The miniature garden was a wonderful way to be creative and imaginative, and the thought of fairies using it made it extra special!

Out basil from last month is coming on nicely, and we’re looking forward to having some sunflowers later in the year as well as the cucumbers.

Having a list of things to spot is a great way to encourage children to keep their eyes open when they’re out in the world. Even living in a city there is so much to see when you look around.

The weather has been so miserable lately, but this gave us lots to look forward to as hopefully the weather improves! I love that we are growing things, particularly things to eat, as it also encourages children to think about where their food comes from. Just the process of watching things grow is such a great pleasure, and it’s also very good for learning patience!




Our score: 9.6/ 10

This is a great combination of practical and imaginative, and is a wonderful way of introducing children to planting, growing, and the beauties of nature!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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