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Scrumptious sweets packed with traditional flavours can now be transported from the past into the most delicious of presents with the launch of Mr Big Top’s spectacular sweet invention.

Fizzy, foamy, gummy and gobstopping-ly delightful, Mr Big Tops’ sweets by post are cute little boxes that pack a big flavour punch. Stuffed full with nostalgia, the vintage virtual sweet emporium is choca-block with retro cool candy and old fashioned treats.

Mr Big Tops, as you will have gathered, is a subscription box with all those sweets we fondly remember from our youth.

They have all kinds of one-off boxes available, but they also have a subscription service, and that is the box I am reviewing here.

Prices are as follows:

Twice a week: £3.99

Once a week: £4.25

Once a fortnight: £4.99

Once a month: £5.49

The site itself has over 100 varieties of sweets from which you can choose. I’ve been sent a random selection, but they are all easily recognizable!

Their packaging is terrific, bright and fun. The box has been designed to fit through the mail box.


The package is designed to open as four little windows.

Inside you can see the individual bags of sweets.

The flaps also have various discount codes for further purchases.

Because there were four windows I expected four bags of sweets.

But there were actually six!

I’m sure you recognize them all, but I’ll list them just in case.

Clockwise from the top: Fizzy bubblegum bottles, white mice, fruit salad/blackjacks, vanilla fudge, and flying saucers.

I remember all of these from my childhood!


This is a great fun box. I love they have a twice-weekly delivery option for the dedicated sweet-eater!

The box design is excellent, and the little windows remind me of an advent calendar. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I rather thought there would be a package behind each window, but I was pleasantly surprised to find more sweets than anticipated!

It’s great you can actually choose your own selection from the extensive list available. As I said, mine were random, but they were all familiar. I was particularly pleased to get the flying saucers, as those were some of my favourite ever sweets!

When I was a kid these were part of the pick-and-mix and penny sweet range. Now, of course, penny sweets are not a thing, and the little things like cola bottles and fruit salads cost rather more than a penny.

I was wondering if there was a weight amount for each box, but then it occurred to me that the same volume of sweets will have very different weights (fudge and flying saucers for example!) so it’s simply six small bags.

Value-wise, of course the twice weekly-box would be the best value, but I think it would be a serious sugar addict who would want this generous amount twice a week!

I’ve only seen pick-and-mix at movie theatres at vastly inflated prices, so I’m not sure how the price would compare. However with these, delivery is included, plus they are separately wrapped so you can be sure there have been no grubby little fingers digging around in the sweet bucket!

The separate wrapping is also great for portion control and portability.

You may be able to find the actual sweets cheaper (if you take the trouble to look, and probably spend money doing so) but the whole package, as it were, is a great deal. It comes through the mailbox, it’s colourful and appealing, and you can slip a little bag of treats in your bag or pocket.

Less than a fiver to easily satisfy your sweet tooth every week is, I think, great value.

I think this would make a wonderful gift for the young at heart, or if you have a yearning for the days when you bought sweeties with your pocket money. It’s a pleasure to relieve some sweet memories of childhood!


Our score: 9.0/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products10

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Mr Big Tops

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Mr Big Tops

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