Mila & Pheebs: Stationary and Activity Boxes for Kids – February 2017 Fun at the Farm

Mila & Pheebs create stationary and activity boxes for children. They contain a mixture of stationary, crafts, stickers, and fun items, based around a different theme each month. It’s £10 per month plus £2.99 P&P.

The kind people at Mila & Pheebs sent me and my daughter, Little C (age 6) their latest box, entitled Fun at the Farm. Little C loves crafty and arty stuff, and of course, stickers!

Well, we were enchanted.

The box is thin enough to go through the mailbox, which is always good. 

Nice and sturdy, branded, with the theme on the front. While I do love the surprise aspect of subscription boxes, I don’t mind knowing the theme ahead of time.

Opening it up, it is attractively packed with the tissue and sticker, plus a list of the contents on the inside of the lid. I was immediately impressed with the extensive list of items.

The two craft kits and the animal crayons. While the crayons aren’t necessarily the most practical shape, they are very cute. The three colours were all appropriate to the palette, and if your child wanted more colours I imagine most kids will have their own stash of colouring things!

We didn’t quite understand the sheep decoration kit as there were no instructions. However the chicken glove puppet kit was just the right level for a child to manage on their own.

Daddy wants a go.

Joint effort to finish it off.


Finished! So you see, suitable for all ages!

Anyway, back to the rest of the contents.

Stickers and blank cards. I’m expecting something fabulous and agricultural for Mother’s Day.

More stickers (brilliant, who doesn’t love stickers?), a cute pencil with topper, a tiny piggy colouring book, and a fun chicken paperclip. Plus the most adorable little cow eraser. We will be keeping her in her pristine state, she’s far too lovely to use.

Squeeeeee! Look at that face! I’ve just reviewed a box of kawaii-themed items, and this little thing is totally kawaii.

Also included, which for some reason I failed to photograph separately, are some sheets with a maze, a wordsearch (fantastic, Little C loves wordsearches) and a couple of colouring sheets.


OK, so here are my thoughts. The first thing to consider is the value. For a total of thirteen quid including P&P this is great value. You get a fantastic range of things, which are both for organized projects (hand puppet) and for using according to your own imagination. Stickers are always brilliant, and this box included two different sets. I thought the crayons were very cute, though not entirely practical. But as I said, kids usually have lots of their own colouring pencils and things, so they can go nuts with the colouring any way they like and keep the animal crayons to play with. And there is plenty to draw and colour, the various sheets, tiny book.

Pencils are always handy to have around, and I thought the little topper eraser was a nice touch. It was very thoughtful to include a couple of blank cards, with the suggestion of making a mother’s day card. While it’s pretty usual to have drawing paper hanging around, blank cards might not be something you keep in the home, so a great creative opportunity.

I like that they included a maze and a wordsearch, as a nod to something educational, but not worthy or boring!

Extra bonus cute points for the paperclip (these are always useful to have around) and of course that gorgeous little cow.


This is a really excellent box. Lots of things to do, and I love that the farm theme would appeal to both girls and boys because I really don’t like aggressively styled things for each sex, especially as ‘boy’ things are usually strongly coloured with great action-oriented themes, and ‘girl’ things tend to be insipidly pastel with the emphasis on the passive and pretty. It would be a lovely treat to arrive every month, especially as so many of the things can be used repeatedly and absorbed into the general collection of craft and art supplies. It’s also great to have at least one specific project, along with lots of opportunities  for imaginative creativity! The packaging and presentation is lovely, and it’s clearly an extremely well-thought-out box. You can buy individual boxes or subscribe, and either would be splendid for gifts.

Great job Mila & Pheebs!


Our score: 9.4/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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