Mila and Pheebs – January 2018

Mila & Pheebs create stationery and activity boxes for children. They contain a mixture of stationery, crafts, stickers, and fun items, based around a different theme each month. It’s £10 per month plus £2.99 P&P.

This month’s theme is Food Frenzy!

The box fits right through the mailbox.

This month’s newsletter. Lots of fun stuff including jokes and trivia!

Such bright colours!

These are great food-themed creative things. Some lovely foam stickers of course, and get some inspiration for the kitchen by designing your own restaurant menu.

There’s also a sheet of food stickers to create your own pizza!

Little C has gone for the pizza face!

Every Mila and Pheebs box contains a couple of blank greetings cards, and also a tiny iwako eraser. Mmmmm, fries…

These are some cute crafts. A Scratch Art Kit and an Ice Cream Pom Pom kit.

Scratch art is a nice simple craft, plus it comes with a magnetic sticker to go on the back so you can display it on the fridge.

The Pom Pom Ice Cream took a little white to make, but looks fantastic! It came with stickers for the face and to add sprinkes. Very cute indeed.

Boxes also always include some puzzles such as a wordsearch, and themed colouring sheets.

Also included is this lovely pack of neon gel pens!

This is a lovely brightly coloured box for a cold and grey time of year. It’s extra nice to have the pens to go in the art supply stash, and every child loves scented gel pens!

The pom pom craft required slightly more adult assistance than usual, but the result was so splendid it didn’t really matter. And it’s fun doing things with your kids!

This month’s iwako eraser looks so appetizing, these cute little collectible erasers are so lovely to have around (but not to use!)

The Mila and Pheebs boxes are almost entirely self contained. We needed scissors for the pom pom, but apart from that we had all we needed. This is a nice pack to have stashed away for a rainy day, or to fill time on a long journey.

There is a great mix of free and structured creativity. I especially like the greetings cards included because I think making and sending your own cards is very important!

The website says it’s aimed at kids from around six years old, but I reckon a four- or even three-year-old would have a lot of fun with this. You’d definitely need to be participating more with younger children, but stickers and drawing? That’s practically any age! And even though the word games might be slightly beyond their skills, most kids are starting to look at letters and things at school, so they would still be a nice learning tool. Get hands-on folks!



Our score: 8.8/ 10

Part of the point of a subscription box is that you are paying for someone else to do the work for you, and in this case it’s selecting and producing a lovely themed box of stationary. I do think it’s good value, not least because there are items that you can keep and use again and again.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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Mila and Pheebs

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Mila and Pheebs

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