Mila and Pheebs – Christmas 2017

Mila & Pheebs create stationery and activity boxes for children. They contain a mixture of stationery, crafts, stickers, and fun items, based around a different theme each month. It’s £10 per month plus £2.99 P&P.

This month’s theme is, of course, Christmas!

We’ve not done anything Christmassy yet, so this is a big treat.

The box fits through the letterbox, and was a lovely surprise to come home to at the weekend!

Yep, it’s Santa!

This month’s Newsletter is great. Little C chortled madly at the jokes.

It’s also just a great newsletter in general, lovely festive colours, and the font is very easy for little ones to read. I love the little quiz too!

There are always fantastic stickers in a Mila & Pheebs box. The cute foam robins will be lovely for festive scene, and the shiny holographic ones will work very well for Christmas cards!

This is one of those foam mosaics. They are simple but a lot of fun. Little C pounced on this straight away.

The finished product!

You can never have too many crayons, and these glittery ones are fab.

The design-your-own-stocking is also cute, especially the idea of writing to Santa on the back!

Not only do you have crayons to colour with, there’s this amazing gingerbread man pop-a-crayon. These are a bunch of tiny crayons all stacked together, and they are gorgeous. You can see the different colours on their decorations. And they’ll be fun to play with when the crayons parts run out.

There is also a regular pencil, a lovely festive one with the snowman eraser topper.

Another Mila & Pheebs staple are blank cards to decorate yourself. I love the mittens on the washing line, such a cute design! Who will be special enough to receive personalized cards?

We also have four festive colouring sheets this month, plus a wordsearch and codebreaker. The designs are always so lovely, and Little C adores any kind of word-based puzzle.

Finally, this lovely little snowman notebook and of course the monthly decorative eraser! This little guy is utterly adorable. We have a fantastic collection of these little erasers, because of course they are far too nice to use!

Like most children, Little C is crazy about notebooks, so of course this has been immediately added to her extensive collection.

One of the many things I love about Mila and Pheebs is the boxes are bright, cheerful and fun, and beautifully designed to appeal to any young child whether they’re a boy or a girl.

This box is the perfect way to kickstart your child’s Christmas creativity! It might also be useful to have squirrelled away for the Christmas holidays, as it’s always useful to have something to keep them entertained, especially when the weather gets a bit rubbish.

If you’re planning a trip away this Christmas, this is a terrific self-contained festive craft kit to while away the time travelling. Throw in some extra blank paper and you’re all set! You’ve even got the mosaic snowman to hang on the tree!
I think children should be encouraged to make and write their own cards, so including blank greetings cards is inspired. You’ve got two beautiful cards to play with here, plus those gorgeous stickers, so this is an easy way to make a couple of extra-special cards for loved ones this year.
The website says it’s aimed at kids from around six years old, but I reckon a four- or even three-year-old would have a lot of fun with this. Stickers and drawing suit practically any age! And even though the word games might be slightly beyond their skills, most kids are starting to look at letters and things at school, so they would still be a nice learning tool.  
Part of the point of a subscription box is that you are paying for someone else to do the work for you, and in this case it’s selecting and producing a lovely themed box of stationery. I do think it’s good value, not least because there are items that you can keep and use again and again. 

Merry Christmas Mila & Pheebs!

Our score: 9.2/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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Mila and Pheebs

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Mila and Pheebs

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