MicroBarBox – March 2018: Cocktail Club Box

MicroBarBox – March 2018: Cocktail Club Box

It’s nearly Easter which means a four day weekend for most of us (hooray!), and the opportunity to catch up with friends and family over some delicious chocolate treats, as well as a couple of cocktails! If you’re on the lookout for a cocktail subscription box to give you some drinks inspiration the next time that you’re entertaining at home, why not check out MicroBarBox?

MicroBarBox is a monthly cocktail subscription box which sends you a range of premium spirits and mixers, and there’s enough to make around 4-6 cocktails, so there’s plenty to share. The boxes are quite large as you can see above, and everything is beautifully presented which makes it super easy to see what’s what.

Each month is different, so the ever-changing Cocktail Menu is something that I always look forward to checking out! You can expect to see lots of interesting and contemporary combinations, as well as some of the cocktail classics that we all know and love. March’s box has a bit of an Easter theme going on as there are some deliciously sweet and chocolatey recipes this time around – yum!

Inside the box, I found all of the following products:-

  • 1 x Smirnoff Lime Vodka
  • 1 x Gabriel Boudier Dijon Curacao Triple Sec
  •  1 x Frobishers Cranberry Fruit Juice 
  • 1 x Wild Chocolate Vodka Liqueur
  • 1 x Bramley & Gage Cherry Brandy
  • 1 x Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk
  • 1 x Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur

This month, there are five amazing cocktails to make:-

Cocktail 1: Cosmopolitan 

You can’t beat a classic Cosmo when the sun is shining! This elegant sweet and fruity cocktail is one of my favourites and making it is easier than you think. MicroBarBox’s version calls for 1/2 Smirnoff Lime Vodka, 1/4 Gabriel Boudier Dijon Curacao Triple Sec, 1/4 Frobishers Cranberry Fruit Juice and ice, shaken and strained into a glass. Delicious.

Cocktail 2: Black Forest

I was thrilled to see Rebel Kitchen’s Chocolate Mylk included as a mixer this month as I absolutely love their organic creation which is dairy-free and made with coconut milk and cacao, so it was interesting to see how it would be used in a cocktail. To make this Black Forest drink, I used 1/2 Wild Chocolate Vodka Liqueur, 1/2 Bramley & Gage Cherry Brandy, 1/4 Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk and ice, all stirred together in a short tumbler glass. The flavours all worked so well for a retro pudding style cocktail!

Cocktail 3: Triple Berry Cooler

For this next cocktail, I poured 1/4 Bramley & Gage Cherry Brandy, 1/4 Gabriel Boudier Dijon Curacao Triple Sec, 1/2 Frobishers Cranberry Fruit Juice and ice into a long glass, to make a summery Triple Berry Cooler. Very refreshing and fruity.

Cocktail 4: Chocolate Orange

Chocolate and orange are one of the best flavour combinations for when you fancy something sweet, and this Chocolate Orange Cocktail combines the two perfectly. To make it, I used 1/2 Gabriel Boudier Dijon Curacao Triple Sec, the full mini bottle of Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur, 1/4 Wild Chocolate Vodka Liqueur and ice, shaken and poured into a cocktail glass. This was amazing!

Cocktail 5: Cool Raoul 

For the last cocktail of the month, I poured 1/2 Smirnoff Lime Vodka, 1/4 Wild Chocolate Vodka Liqueur, 1/2 Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk and ice into a long glass and gave it a good stir. I was so surprised by how well this worked out – the little citrusy kick from the Lime Vodka definitely gives it something extra!

Special Reader Discount Code!

All Subscription Boxes readers can use the discount code ASB5x3 to receive £5 off your first three MicroBarBoxes  – enjoy!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

MicroBarBox never disappoints and this month's selection of cocktails are both interesting and delicious - perfect for those who want to try something new!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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