Mask Time – July 2018: Glow Setter Box

Sheet masks are one of my favourite pampering products and everyone who loves skincare knows that the Korean sheet masks are the best!

Mask Time specialise in K-Beauty Sheet Masks and curate a monthly box which is delivered straight to your door. It’s one of my favourite subscription boxes and is a must-try for anyone who enjoys taking care of their skin and indulging in some ‘me time’.

Their Glow Setter Box contains 8-10 masks, all of which are different, and it’s a lot of fun trying them all out. July’s box even includes an extra bonus mask so let’s see what’s inside!

NO:HJ Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask (RRP £3.50)

You can’t really tell from the photo but the packaging of this mask has a really cool holographic design. Designed to leave your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean in just 10 minutes, this mask contains Daisy Flower extract to soothe skin whilst minimising the appearance of pores, whilst Camelia Flower extract and Tulipa Gesneriana extract work together to fight the signs of ageing and help to moisturize the skin from deep down. The mask starts to bubble when you apply it to the face which is really weird but fun at the same time!

Entia Essence Gel Modelling Pack (RRP £4.99)

Another unusual mask is the Entia Essence Gel Modelling Pack which is made entirely from essence. You mix the contents of the packet together to create a thick paste that then sets on the skin almost like a rubber, which then peels off easily. Formulated with Kakadu Plum extract and Collagen, this mask helps to lift sagging skin and plump it up by delivering intensive moisture.

Frienvita Aqua Sponge Ampoule Pack Sensitive (RRP £3.50)

Next, there’s a mask from Frienvita which is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Ceramide and Chamomile extract. This is a fantastic mask for dry skin as it really nourishes the skin’s layers from deep within and the unique Aqua Sponge Technology of the mask itself is made to lock in as much moisture as possible to prevent it from drying out.

FG Beauty Stewardess Mask Pack Business Class (RRP £4)

We all know that flying is incredibly drying on the skin, so I was curious to try this mask which has been specially designed for stewardesses to keep their skin in tip-top condition. It contains two very special all natural ingredients; Opuntia Humifusa which is known for its ability to regenerate skin cells and relieve dry skin conditions like eczema, and Jojoba Oil, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps to prevent wrinkles. A great all-rounder that works a treat!

Double & Zero Double Effect Foot Peeling Mask (RRP £6.50)

A mask for your feet?! Say goodbye to dry, calloused feet with this peeling mask which is formulated with a Lemon extract and Fruit Acid Complex. It gently softens skin and removes dead skin cells thanks to the high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the formula. The mask is basically like a thin sheet style pair of socks which you wear for 60-90 minutes and then rinse. Within 4-6 days, the dead skin will start to peel and fall off, and your silky soft and smooth feet will be revealed!

Lindsay Seok Go Contouring Mask Gold (RRP £10.50)

Next up, there’s an interesting two-step mask treatment from Lindsay. This paper mache style mask consists of two layers, an inner essence layer to replenish the skin with vital nutrients and an outer layer to tighten and lift. It contains Niacinamide to brighten and Collagen is included to plump and firm. A really luxurious pampering treatment for your skin.

NO:HJ 24K Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen (RRP £3.50)

Here we have another mask from the Korean brand NO:HJ, but this time it’s their 24K Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen. This mask looks incredible as it has a super pretty gold floral pattern on it and it’s infused with 26g of essence. In the essence is 1300mg of Collagen to improve elasticity and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, and 1.1.5mg of real Gold extract which helps to control oil levels. Super fancy!

Shine K-II Moisturise To Shine Mask (RRP £3.50)

I love the attention to detail and multiple steps in traditional Korean skincare routines and this mask from Shine K-II has three steps all in one mask – how clever is that? The first step is a moisturising and purifying essence which helps to prep the skin, the second step is the mask itself that contains Ceramides, Trehalose and Squalene to calm and deeply nourish, and the third step is a rich cream with Shea Butter that helps to lock everything in. I highly recommend this one for dry or ageing skin.

77 Days Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask (RRP £9.99)

Another multi-step mask is from the brand 77 Days. This Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask has a really cool syringe style ampoule that’s filled with White Jade extract to protect the skin from dehydration as the first step. The second step is the mask which is infused with essential vitamins to nourish lacklustre skin, and then the third step is a non-greasy Deep Aqua Nourishing Cream. To finish the routine, there’s also a fourth step of peptides-rich Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream included to smooth fine lines.

Urban Dollkiss Urban City Carbonated Bubble Gold Clay Mask (RRP £14.99)

To complete the box, there’s an extra special bonus treat of a full-size Bubble Gold Clay Mask from Urban Dollkiss. This super fun mask not only has a playful element as it bubbles up, but it contains Gold extract to firm and nourish the skin, whilst the bubbling effect draws out dirt and impurities from the pores, leaving the skin ultra clean. Awesome stuff!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

I loved the innovative variety of masks in this box and feel like it's one of Mask Time's best boxes yet!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Mask Time

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Mask Time

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