Makerly – November 2016

I absolutely adore doing craft projects however I am much more creative in my head leaving me slightly disappointed with the finished results. Add to that the fact that I get extremely overwhelmed in craft stores, often spending too much money on products that I don’t even need. So when I heard about Makerly I jumped for joy, a subscription box for people who like making stuff.


Makerly make craft kit subscription boxes with everything you could possibly need to make an awesome craft each month. So I will no longer be found wandering the aisles of hobbycraft looking dazed and confused instead I can just wait for the postman to deliver everything I need in one box to the comfort of my home.

What I love most about Makerly is that I have a choice of three different subscription boxes, so you can pick an area of crafting that you love. And if you just love all crafts than they have that covered too with the mish mash box. I went with the paper cuts box ( starting with paper seemed at my level ). And to my delight November’s theme was quilling, I jumped with joy, I haven’t done quilling since school. And believe me school was a long time ago for!


The box comes with all the materials and tools you will need for the project and an easy to follow instruction booklet perfect for people like me who are new to the crafting world. The best aspect of this box is that it is incredible value for money, if I was to go out and buy all the materials needed it would have cost me at least twice the amount and left me with extra materials which would probably be left unused in a draw or cupboard. With Makerly not only are you saving money but you will be discovering or rediscovering a different craft each month.

The box came with two little booklets, one with detailed instructions on how to quill, which was beautifully written in way that even first timers could follow and understand. The second booklet was more like a monthly craft magazine with ideas on upcycling, a calendar for up and coming craft events and a colouring section.


There was more than a rainbow of colours in the strips of paper, there was possibly ever colour you could ever think of. The paper was of a good quality, it was thick enough not to rip while making coils with it. The quality of this box really shines through with its contents, nothing feels cheap or flimsy. Two templates were provided to help with the tricky coils, the heart shapes were my favourite and there would have been no way I could have done them without the template.


The box also comes with all the tools you would need to start on your quilling adventure including the glue. This is where the box excels, if I was to go to a craft shop I would be totally overwhelmed and end up buying the wrong tools. Also once you have the tools ( which are extremely high quality and well made ) you can carry on quilling, all you would need to buy is extra paper.


Finally the box came with four templates each with a word on, my four words were breathe, love, peace and word. Each template is made from thick A4 pieces of card, all four would look beautiful framed. I plan on framing breathe and peace and hanging them in my bedroom.

I already know what everyone is getting for Christmas now, I really enjoyed this box. It forced me to take a day for myself and enjoy something that wasn’t work related or house work related. It allowed me a day to enjoy doing something for myself that was fun and satisfying.

Our score: 8.6/ 10

A perfect subscription box for anyone who loves crafting! Incredible value for money and a great starting point for anybody wanting to learn a new craft.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products8

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