LootCrate – July 2017: ANIMATION

LootCrate July 2017

Loot Crate is a monthly box full of geeky awesomeness. As well as their classic original Loot Crate they have several other box types, including a box for your pets, gaming, and wearables!

I’m reviewing their original box, the LootCrate, which contains 4 – 5 items each month, including exclusive and licensed items, with a value of at least $45.

They have four subscription levels:

  • 1 month – £24 p/m
  • 3 months – £22 p/m
  • 6 months  – £21 p/m
  • 12 months – £21 p/m plus a bonus t-shirt
  • All crates include a t-shirt; you select your size when you order your subscription.

This month’s theme is ANIMATION, a celebration of cartoons from childhood and adulthood.


LootCrate July 2017

This is a nice sturdy shipping box. The boxes can be made into something else, so it’ll be interesting to see what those perforations are for.

LootCrate July 2017

I see Rick and Morty!

But first, the t-shirt.

LootCrate July 2017

A nice little blast of nostalgia here. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt is designed in-house by Loot Crate. Not only can you see the iconic van, the design incorporates a cool turtle shell pattern.

I’m glad that this t-shirt is 100% cotton! Previous shirts have been lovely, but I can’t bear polycotton. I can actually wear this one (as a nightdress, it’s massive) and not get all sweaty.


LootCrate July 2017

Are you a Bob’s Burger’s fan? I’m afraid I’m not really familiar with this series. It’s not on Netflix or Amazon, so I’ve not seen it at all, though I’m aware of the basic concept.

However, I love burgers, so these Recipe Cards from Bob’s Burgers Cook Book are perfect.

There are 25 separate cards, and come in a box designed to look like the restaurant.

LootCrate July 2017


LootCrate July 2017

The pictograms on the reverse side of each card are also really cool.


LootCrate July 2017

And to go with your burger, a beer!

LootCrate July 2017

Two Futurama Slurm Koozies. Perfect to keep your canned or bottled beverage of choice cold. (Beer not included.)

While you can get koozies in the UK, I associate them much more with the USA. This is a pretty cool (geddit?) fun novelty, especially for those Brits who might not be so familiar with them.


LootCrate July 2017

This is my favourite item.

LootCrate July 2017

I love LOVE Rick and Morty, and I’m thrilled to have something from the series.

LootCrate July 2017

Here is an awesome figurine of Rick giving his ‘Peace among worlds’ salute from Season 2.

LootCrate July 2017


LootCrate July 2017


LootCrate July 2017

What an awesome figure. Great detailing too. The base is the same shape is the ramp of his spaceship.


LootCrate July 2017

This month’s Loot Pin is also Bob’s Burger-themed. Here is Gene in his burger mascot costume. Even not really knowing the series I really like this pin.


In the bottom of the box is the menu magazine.

LootCrate July 2017

LootCrate July 2017

LootCrate July 2017

As well as details about this month’s goodies, you can find an interview with the Supervising Director of Bob’s Burgers, Bernard Derriman.

LootCrate July 2017

Also included are instructions for this month’s crate transformation.

LootCrate July 2017

I was very glad that it simply involved turning the box inside out. While previous transformations have been fun (ish), it’s nice to not need a sharp knife and the full range of my vocabulary of profanity.

LootCrate July 2017

LootCrate July 2017

It’s a stand for the recipe cards!

LootCrate July 2017

OK, I don’t have that much room on my kitchen counter, but it’s a fun thing nonetheless. And easy.



LootCrate claims that each box contains at least $45 (about £35) worth of goodies. Every item is a LootCrate exclusive, so it’s difficult to assign a commercial value. However I can sort of find equivalents and guesstimate, though I don’t use eBay as I find their prices are not a useful guide to value. I’ll also add my thoughts as I go along.

T-shirt – geeky t-shirts usually retail around £10.

I’m so happy this is a cotton t-shirt for once! The design is fun, though I was never the biggest TMNT fan (I was more Transformers). But I’m always glad to add to my geeky t-shirt collection.

Recipe Cards – the recipe book retails on Amazon at £9.06, but contains upwards of 70 recipes. You only get 25 in this box, but the presentation of the cards is very nice, and of course exclusive to Loot Crate. I’d say £5.

Koozies – I found these on a UK site for £5.99 a pop. You get two in the box so that’s £11.98.

Seems quite high, but they are officially licensed products so will come at a premium price.

Rick figurine – This is another exclusive. I can’t find anything similar, plus it’s utterly awesome, so I’m going to call it £15.

Pin – again, total exclusive, but comic pins are around £5.

Totaled up the value is pretty good.


My heart leaped when I saw a Rick and Morty item, so I would really loved the emphasis to be slightly more on the adult side. In other words, another item from this series would have been fantastic because I love Rick and Morty. That being said, the figure included is awesome, so I’m basically happy.

I sort of wish it wasn’t so heavy on the Bob’s Burgers, simply because the series doesn’t resonate with me. Recipe cards, pin, AND box. Except for the burger part. I love burgers. And I love cooking, so I’ll definitely be able to use these cards, as well as enjoying the design.

I love the koozies because they are both fun and practical. I really appreciate things that I can use.

Oh, and clearly Loot Crate have noted my dissatisfaction with polycotton t-shirts. I’m hoping they stick with the 100% cotton, as it’s SO much nicer.

This is a terrific theme overall. I’m very pleased with this month’s box.

Peace among worlds!


Our score: 8.2/ 10

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products7

How would you rate Lootcrate ?

Rating: 2.9/5. From 69 votes.
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