Lootaku – September 2018 Thousand Years of Friendship (Naruto X One Piece)

Lootaku is a premium monthly subscription based service to fulfill everybody’s geeky addictions. Our box features full figure statues and Asia exclusives that you will not find in any other subscription box. We promise no filler or promotional items, and our values are always based on current cheapest prices on Amazon.

Prices and values on the Lootaku website are given US dollars. A one month subscription is $44.99 (three and six month subscriptions are cheaper). According to my currency converter today this is £34.39. UK Shipping is $17.66 (£13.50). Slightly pricey, but this is a premium box. Also it’s coming a long way.

1-month subscription total: £47.89

This month’s box features two anime/manga franchises – Naruto and One Piece.

Here’s the shipping box. It has a great design and it’s pretty big.

Lootaku now includes a Limited Edition T-Shirt with every box. This month’s features One Piece character Ace.

Or rather it features his tattoos! The design is on the front, back, and arm. This is a great design with a subtle yet fun reference to the character and franchise.

Pins are also a regular item in this box. This month’s design is of Naruto character Sasuka with his Susanoo.

The first of two figures in this month’s box is a Banpresto Grandista Shinobi Relations Kakashi Hatake figure.

It’s big, nearly twelve inches tall.

It’s a nicely detailed figure, and comes with a small support stand.

The second figure is more of a model, a Banpresto MEGA WCF Thousand Sunny with Luffy.

This impressive ship model is wonderfully colourful and detailed, and comes with a figure of Luffy on the bow.

There’s also a blue sea stand.

Finally, the menu card, which gives you details, including RRPs of each item.

I’ll start straight in, as I always do, at the contents value as I can discover. I use an online currency converter so they’re correct at time of writing. I can’t always take into account shipping costs of individual items, but I do my best to be fair.

I never take the values as gospel, simply because this is a box from Hong Kong and often their items are Asia-exclusive or at least extremely difficult to find in the UK. Also I find you can never reply on RRP for anything. That being said, I’ve not yet valued the contents of one of their boxes at less, or even equal to, the price of their subscription.

Often I can find things on Amazon, but some of the items in Lootaku boxes are nigh on impossible to source in the UK, so sometimes I have to guesstimate. I also don’t use eBay as reference, as I find prices are not reliable or realistic.

We saw at the top that the monthly subscription is £47.89

T-shirt – I usually value geek shirts at £10, but I’m going to call this £13, because it’s better quality than average, and it’s a limited edition.

Pin – I’m estimating at £5, because it’s good quality, a decent size, and limited edition.

Haruto figure – on Amazon at £28.28

One Piece boat model – Amazon again at £25.94

Total: £72.22

As always the value is excellent. Even just the two figures cost well over the price of the box, so the lovely t-shirt and pin are an extra bonus!

My favourite this month is the Thousand Sunny model, the colours and detailing are fantastic.

Lootaku is perfect for any fan of manga and anime, the quality and value always excellent. The t-shirts are geeky without being obvious, and are always stylish.


Our score: 9.4/ 10

Lootaku always does a terrific line in premium figures, and this month is no exception. It's really nice to have a non-person model as well as a figure too!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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